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Magento – Add Manufacturer

Choosing Magento manufacturers and assigning them to corresponding products is a business task that deserves notice. Manufacturer is a person, an enterprise or entity that produces goods you are selling over the Internet. Most likely, you will want to inform your clients who produced this or that garment of clothes and, most likely, your customers would like to know who developed, for example, cutlery they are going to buy.

Manufacturer is not system but simple Magento attribute, that means it is not obligatory and can be added or removed on manager’s demand.

As it is known, in Magento attribute sets collect attributes, used to describe products and their properties. When creating this or that product, you are choosing which attribute set it will be based on and, respectively, what characteristics will be inherent to this item.

Creating Manufacturer and Assigning It to Products via Admin

In order to add 'manufacturer' attribute via Admin you have to accomplish the operations, enumerated below:

  1. Browse Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes in Magento back-end
  2. magento manufacturers
    magento manufacturers

  3. Click on Add New Attribute option in the upper right corner of the page and designate attribute properties
  4. magento manufacturers
    magento manufacturers

  5. Add attribute options in adjacent tab
  6. magento manufacturers
    magento manufacturers

  7. Open Catalog->Manage Attribute Sets and assign just created attribute to necessary attribute set or create the one if it does not exist
  8. magento manufacturers
    magento manufacturers

  9. Assign desired manufacturer to a product - find it on the list, enable its editing and select proper manufacturer
  10. magento manufacturers
    magento manufacturers

Create Manufacturer Attribute in Store Manager

You need to open several pages in the Admin to get attribute created and assigned to attribute set and product listings correspondingly. Store Manager for Magento makes the procedure more flexible.

First of all, add Magento manufacturer attribute in Store Manager Attributes section, accessible under tab Store. When creating attribute you must specify its properties (scope, catalog input type for store owners, attribute code, etc), frontend properties, label analogously to Admin. In most cases you have a set of predefined manufacturers and when creating or editing products, you can select one and assign it to the product. Correspondingly, dropdown input type suits the best. After you choose dropdown, you will get Options tab in Edit Attribute Data dialog box, where manufacturers should be added.

Create new Manufacturer
Create new Manufacturer

The attribute being created, add it to certain attribute set - select the one in Attribute Sets and drag manufacturer from Unassigned Attributes section to necessary Attribute Group

Add Created Attribute to Attribute Set with Store Manager
Add Created Attribute to Attribute Set with Store Manager

Assign Manufacturer to Magento Products

Once you have added 'manufacturer' attribute to attribute set, you can attach producer to the merchandise missing it. Of course, you can go product after product and add manufacturer to each in this way.

Mass manufacturer assign is possible via Product Multi Editor. Select products, manufacturer should be assigned to and launch Multi Editor. Select appropriate value from drop-down, like it's shown at the screenshot.

Assign Manufacturer to Product with Store Manager
Assign Manufacturer to Product with Store Manager

Store Manager for Magento makes it easy to add Magento manufacturer to numerous products at once, performing data appending of products by means of import wizard. The file you import from should contain column responsible for product manufacturer. There should be specified manufacturer for necessary products. You do not need to manually add each manufacturer record, only have them in the file. Although, manufacturer attribute should be created in Store Manager and linked to definite attribute set.

Arrange product manufacturers efficiently and accurately with Store Manager for Magento; it is characterized by approachable manufacturer management logic and lets you quickly associate merchandise with appropriate producer.

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