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Magento – Add Product, Edit Product, Delete Product

Magento is so popular among online merchants, because it offers great possibilities and its potential can bring online business to great heights. It especially cares about store owners, who would like to have rich and refined store content. Since content is the basis of shop.

Goods house all your sales. Without Magento products you will not have any sales. Product details, categories, description, features, images and other attributes have to be added and regularly updated in order to keep the content topical, attractive and informative.

Store Manager for Magento offers wide capabilities for store management within one screen. From Products&Categories tab you can view the information on goods, categories and selected products details.

All possible and vital management operations are performed using buttons placed in products toolbar or context menu that is called up right-clicking at any item.

The most common operations necessary for efficient handling of goods are: Magento add product, Magento edit product and Magento delete product.

Magento add product

The platform gives you the possibility to make use of different Magento product types, depending on goods sold and store owners’ needs. Also different products can have different attributes for their better specification. So, these are the details that should be specified at the first place creating

Magento add product

Further, new window will be opened, where you have to fill in product details. Required fields, like name, description, SKU, status etc. are marked and without this information the product will not be created.

Magento product details

Magento edit product

If you need to modify some product-related information, you can do it double-clicking on the entity, pressing “Edit Product” button or checking available fields in lower grid. Basically, switching between products, you will see all the available details for selected products in the grid and this way there is no need to open additional windows for changes implementing. After the product was modified, do not forget to apply changes.

Magento edit product

Delete Magento products

Just imagine that your supplier informed you that he will not offer you information on some goods, as they are no in warehouse any more or production has been stopped. In this case you need to remove some items from your catalog, if you are sure that you will not be selling them. You can delete products clicking corresponding button or pressing “Delete” at your keyboard. Dialog window occurring will suggest you remove products with or without pictures.

Delete Magento products

Other buttons available either at the toolbar or context menu supply additional functionality for products management. You can assign product to categories, change product type or attribute set, sort out your goods, copy, clone or import/export them and that is not all. Many more helpful features are included in Store Manager for Magento.

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