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Magento – Edit Product

The possibility to quickly modify Magento products data or create new products has immense impact on the time efficiency of product management. Store Manager for Magento Edit Product Data window is designed to make the process of product handling more approachable and flexible.

To alter existing merchandise or add new entities to Magento product list you should go through several steps. Data edit form includes range of tabs, that structure product data. Go from tab to tab to insert item related records or easily switch to the tab, you need to modify information in.

To derive data edit window click add or edit Magento product icon. On condition that your task is to implement some modification to product, choose it from the list and resort to edit option. In the event if new product should be created in the catalog - use add new product functionality.

Select store view you have to manage data in from drop-down or switch to required tab. Below in this article you will find description of each tab data edit form incorporates.

magento edit data form


In General tab you will find the following fields:

  • Name - this field stands for you to input name of current product as it will be represented at the front-end
  • Description - indicate product description, that will be shown in detail section of product page. You can add it via HTML Editor or use enhanced WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Short Description - in this field you are to input short description, that is used on the catalog page in list view.
  • Manufacturer - select manufacturer from drop-down list.
  • SKU - this field stands for product SKU implementing. SKU is a unique identifier for this very product, throughout all stores and websites.
  • Weight - specify product weight in this field.
  • Set products as new from date/Set products as new to date - indicate time period, current product will be promoted as new within.
  • Status - set Enabled to make the item visible at the front-end or Disabled, if you want to set product as inaccessible.
  • URL Key - it is being used as product URL and is automatically created by the system on the basis of Magento products name, nevertheless you can change it depending on your needs. It contributes to store search engine optimization and ensures better visitors experience.
  • Visibility - indicate whether this very item will be visible from catalog, search, both or neither. It can play into your hand, in case you want to make the product inaccessible, if it’s associated to configurable or grouped one. Thus it will be visible through configurable or grouped product page, but not individually.
  • Country of Manufacture - specify the location, where the product has been developed.
  • Created At/Updated At - date, the product was created or renewed, will be automatically put in these fields.

magento products editing general tab


This tab incorporates the following fields to specify:

  • Price - in this field you have to indicate price, the item will be sold for.
  • Special Price - you can promote some items from Magento product list applying discount to it. In this field you can input special price, that will be displayed underneath the original price.
  • Special Price From Date/Special Price To Date - specify what period of time special price will be active. It will be automatically applied, once From Date comes and removed on day specified in To Date field.
  • Apply MAP - MAP is being defined as Minimum Advertised Price and gives you an ability to remain in compliance with manufacturers’ requirements, while offering better Magento products price. Choose the corresponding option from drop-down list.
  • Display Actual Price - determine when and where you want actual price to be visible for customers, choosing between - In Cart, Before Order Confirmation, On Gesture.
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price - specify necessary value in this field.
  • Is Product Available for Purchase with Google Checkout - enable or disable this option using corresponding “yes” or “no” from drop-down.
  • Tax Class - tax classes are being used to define Tax Rules. Select suitable tax class for current item.

edit magento products price tab

Meta Information

In this tab of Edit Data form you should input meta information. Meta information is not visible for your visitors, but read by search engines and it’s very important to use relevant words, that your clientele might look for.

  • Meta Title - by means of it you can give each product page a unique title.
  • Meta Keywords - input words and phrases relevant to the product.
  • Meta Description - specify short product description.

edit data form meta information


You can upload base, small or thumbnail image while creating Magento new products or editing those which already exist in Magento product list. Set FTP connection before adding pictures to required Magento items.

add images to magento products

Recurring Profile

Magento allows to set and configure recurring payments. These can be used for subscriptions or products with installment payment plans. Once clients purchase such a product from your store, they are redirected to a 3rd party payment system, where customers sign recurring payment agreement with the store. Thus, there will be created customer account and in the future it will be charged depending on current profile settings. In this tab of Edit Data form you can enable recurring profile or edit profile data.

edit data form recurring profile


It’s possible to manage the way product page will look from Design tab. Indicate:

  • Custom Design - select design you want.
  • Active From and Active To - indicate time frame custom design will be active.
  • Custom Layout Update - is essentially a static block, with a few differences. Edit HTML button - shows new HTML editor window of product description. It has 2 tabs: HTML and Code, and Properties Toolbar. Source preview is useful if you are working directly with “raw” HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.
  • Page Layout - choose necessary option from drop-down.
  • Display Product Options In - specify where to show product options - show a Block After Info Column or in a Product Info Column.

design tab

Gift Options

Allow Gift Message - define whether your customers will be able to add gift messages to this very product during checkout.

gift options tab

Having specified data required or modified necessary fields press Ok button to save changes. Make sure you have included fields marked with asterisk, as they are required and can’t be left unattended.

It’s very convenient and fast to modify products or accomplish Magento new products creating with Edit Data form of Store Manager for Magento. Use Store Manager application to reasonable proceed with product management - .

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