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Magento Export Products

Magento export is very useful option that comes at hand when to have data in the file for accounting purposes or to send to your partners, if you require to create data feeds for placing goods at search engines, or you need good example for implementing changes or uploading new goods via import. It is also a way to backup your product data or to save data for other intents, such as to import data to another site.

In any of the mentioned situations, Magento export products procedure will be fast and convenient means of bringing relevant and updated information from your store to the file. In order to get spreadsheet with product data downloaded on your PC you have to follow certain steps.

So let’s go to the main point and see how this procedure works.

Export Using Import/Export from Magento Admin

Most people use the standard Export facility available under System -> Import/Export.

Magento Export Products (Re-Newed)
Magento Export Products (Re-Newed)

However, often this export method doesn’t produce the results users are expecting. For instance, you can export products only to CSV file, as other formats are not supported. Moreover, you need to export the whole catalog as there is no possibility to select what goods you want to see in your file. Default Magento export is also missing of some fields that might be important in some situation, like products IDs your stock management software, or anything else.

Advanced Product Export

More advanced export /import it is one of the processes for which Store Manager for Magento application is designed.

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With Store Manager for Magento you will be able to export:

  • All product types with relations (including related goods, cross and upsells)
  • Unlimited number of items from Magento to CSV or XML
  • Special, tier, grouped prices including super attribute price mark-ups for configurable products
  • Multiple product images by remote URL or locally with labels and position
  • Product IDs
  • Not only whole product list, but also only selected or filtered products
  • Multiple categories and subcategories, products are assigned to
  • Downloadable files and downloadable samples files
  • Basically ALL product data

Important: In Store Manager it is possible to set-up scheduled tasks (cron job) to export and import product info from/to Magento each predefined period of time.

Let’s see how export via Store Manager for Magento works in action.

Product Export to Excel

To export goods to Excel, you simply need to press appropriate icon at the toolbar of Store Manager.

Export Products to Excel
Export Products to Excel

After that you need to indicate filename and where it should be saved at your computer and open the file to do modifications if necessary.

Please note: This type of product export loads all the goods from grid view. It means that you can bring to the file only information (columns) that you see in main product window of Store Manager.

Product Export to CSV

Let’s go through the process step-by-step.

So, to export your products to .csv file, you first of all should determine whether you need to export all entities or only some of them.

In the situation when you would like to bring to the file only definite entities, you have to select them or filter out the goods needed before the actual export procedure starts.

Run Export Wizard

Next you need to open Import /Export Wizard from toolbar, ribbon menu or context menu (appearing after right-clicking at selected goods).

Launch Import/Export Wizard in Store Manager
Launch Import/Export Wizard in Store Manager

Get File and Indicate Directory to Save It

Further, indicate filename and where exactly at your PC, the file with exported information should be placed after the process is finished.

Select File for Product Export
Select File for Product Export

Select Products to Export

Next window requires from you to verify whether you would like to export all items or just selected or filtered once (in case the filter was applied before you called export wizard).

Select Products for Export with Store Manager
Select Products for Export with Store Manager

Here you can also choose data from which store view to export.

Configure Settings

The following step is very important, since here you should set settings that you will further need for the file to be properly opened and data parsed after Magento export.

There are delimiters to be set for file - to differentiate columns and strings and also for file details, that will be used to separate out multiple values for images, categories and related fields.

You can also indicate whether you would like images to be physically exported and saved at local directory of your PC or you want to generate full image URL (useful for images transfer).

Products Export Delimiters
Products Export Delimiters

Select Attributes (Fields) to Be Added to Spreadsheet

You can chose what exactly columns you would like to see in your spreadsheet. For that you need to select from available in the left pane database fields the necessary ones and move them to the right pane with the buttons in the middle or using drag&drop.

Select Fields for Export Step
Select Fields for Export Step

If you have products with relations which you need to be kept, check the appropriate checkboxes.

Then you press in Store Manager for Magento “Export” button and progress bar will inform you about the status of the task.

Get Properly Formatted CSV File

At the final step you will be able to once again preview exported details and choose the action what should be done with the file.

In case you need to view it right away, you can set options to open the file or show the folder containing it.

Export Preview Step
Export Preview Step

Done! Your data feed is ready and you can use it for sending to your partners, submitting them to shopping engines or further use it for modification of data.

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