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Magento Price

Selling over the Internet requires you to keep to definite pricing strategy. Magento provides you with multiple options when it comes to product pricing. Besides regular Magento price, you can determine specials, quantity price reductions, group prices, etc. This post provides detailed overview of each price type, Magento supports, and dwells on some price adjustment peculiarities.

Actual Magento Product Price

Actual price can be defined as the real cost assigned to Magento product. When creating new item in Magento you provide actual product cost in Prices tab of the edit form.

magento product price

Magento Special Price

If there is high time for promotional campaign, sale season is around the corner or you simply want to organize sale, you can update your listings with special price. It is a time limited price reduction, used to encourage sales. When special price is configured for Magento products, actual price is crossed at the product page and sales price is represented for clients.

Special price is configured in the same Price tab of the edit form. There is respectively Special Price field, you should provide value in and date fields, expecting you to set start and end date for sale price.

magento special price

Magento Group Price

One more price type, Magento endows its users with, is group price. It allows store owners to maintain multiple prices for merchandise depending on what group of clients these merchandise are offered to. In other words, you can add as many prices, as customer groups you have. As a result, price, regular customers will see at the product page will differ from price, shown for visitors, for example.

When adding group Magento price, you need to select customer group and product cost, members of this group will see. Add each group price in the same way.

magento group price

Tier Price

If you plan to add quantity-based discounts, you should consider Magento tier price. It works like incentive for people to order several items of the same product and get considerable price off. Tier price works only when predefined number of this or that Magento merchandise is ordered. As for example, product A costs $150. If customer orders 2 items of product A, one item will cost $140 instead of $150. You can set multiple rules in this way, as it is displayed at the screenshot.

magento tier price in admin

Need to Bulk Update Magento Price?

Any of product price mentioned above requires regular updates and, most likely, you would prefer to fulfill the updates in a quick and accurate way. Store Manager for Magento is worth to be mentioned when it comes to mass catalog updates. When price of numerous products requires renewing, you can fall back on Product Multi Editor or flexible product import wizard. Here you can find short explanation of each.

Product Multi Editor

Product Multi Editor copes with product price and special price updates. These values can instantly be changed by means of expressions (special SQL commands), configured for product price or special price fields. You just need to select entities, price or special price, should be changed for (all must be created under the same attribute set) and configure expression for it. More detailed explanation, expression usages and samples, product update extended instructions are outlined in articles suggested below.

update magento product price

Price Update via Import

Store Manager is known for its flexible import wizard and data upload simplicity. If you need to change special, group, actual, tier product price or add some, you can easily fulfill it in the process of Magento import. When products are already created and prices should be assigned to them, Store Manager requires only product identifier and data related to price, for example, special price value, period of time, it will be available. In the articles suggested below you can find detailed tutorials.

magento price import with store manager

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