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Fields Responsible for Items Display on Magento Product Page

If you are adding products to your Magento shop, either manually one-by-one or massively using bulk import processes, most likely would need to right away see them reflected at the front-end. Except of the situation when you still need to work on some goods, for example adding some details, correcting description etc.

As soon as the product is ready to be sold, store owner wants them to be visible for their clients. In Magento there are some fields that are responsible for products visibility at the front-end.

Store Manager for Magento makes it possible to more conveniently manage your product details and indicate them in much more approachable manner. You can switch between products, see and modify needed values in the tab of lower grid or massively input them via Multi-Editor tool available in the application.

Basically, if in your Magento no products are showing you need to make sure that you have filled the following fields:

1. Status - for the product to be visible for the shopper you need to set it as enabled.

2. Magento product visibility field - allows you to choose from the drop-down one of the following variants:

magento product page visibility
magento product page visibility
  • nowhere - this choice won’t allow the product to display anywhere on the site, it will be visible only in administration section;
  • catalog - the item with this visibility status will be visible in the catalog only;
  • search - the product is not visible in the category tree, but it will be possible to find it through Global Search;
  • catalog and search - the product will be available in category and page view as well as in search.
  • In order to make the product accessible, it is advisable to use “catalog” or “catalog, search” selection.

3. Stock availability - using this field you can make item in or out of stock, making goods available or unavailable for purchase.

4. Quantity - indicate value corresponding to number of items you have. For the product to be active and visible, it should be more than 0. In case you are having something indicated in the field “Minimal quantity for the item’s status to be out of stock”, quantity field should have bigger value.

5. Websites - you can do changes in default store view and to other websites the same data can be applied or you can indicate appropriate values for each separate store view.

6. Category. If the products is not assigned to any category, then in your Magento no products will be showing (it will be possible to find them through global search only). Besides the category the product belong to should be active and nested under root category.

In Store Manager for Magento you can assign product to one or a few categories in the tab of lower grid. Moreover, there is bulk assign categories functionality, that allows to link multiple goods to categories at once.

magento product page visibility
magento product page visibility

Finally, after the changes are made, do not forget to clear cache and rebuild catalog index.

Magento product page is final destination where your goods need to appear. Make sure you did everything to see them here. If not, Store Manager will massively do it in seconds.

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