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Magento Product Properties

Magento gives you the possibility to make product catalog descriptive, customizable and customer-oriented. Merchandise you sell online are “packed” with whole lot of specifics and peculiarities. Oftentimes they come with related items, cross-sells or up-sells, complex Magento products embrace a number of associated items. To tell the long story short, products in Magento are multi-faceted entities and all-purpose tool for their management is required.

Store Manager for Magento represents all product-associated details in smartly arranged tabs of the lower grid. Each tab comprises definite product details. Respectively, if there comes the necessity to alter some, you just need to switch to corresponding tab in the lower grid. This section contains the following articles that describe in details how to manage product via the lower grid:

What Possibilities Have You at Disposal?

Manage Product Inventory

Maintained inventory is an important part of efficient Magento product management. Respective tab of the lower grid lets you instantly update product stock availability, quantity, quantity increment, minimum quantity for wares to go out of stock (for corresponding product types)

Set Product Pricing

Pricing is a real incentive for your сustomers. Make your products more attractive - set grouped and tier prices effortlessly and within no time

Handle Product Images

Image Gallery tab shows images that are already added to selected item, lets you set base, small, thumbnail pictures. You can assign new photos, remove unnecessary ones, apply resize rules and build compelling site imagery

Categories and Websites

Products that are being sold at your store should be categorized and distributed over websites if needed. Categories tab holds store category tree and you can easily assign a product to needed categories or subcategories. Similarly all the websites and store views are provided in Websites tab and, if a product should be available on several websites or some should be unassigned, you just need to check or uncheck box for it.

Get More Returnings

Cross-sells, up-sells and related products are good practices used by store owners to boost conversions and sale more. Create specials for your clientele and ensure positive customer experience resorting to these techniques.

Create Customizable Products

Let your customers customize the purchase - add custom options to Magento products. Custom Options tab helps you swimmingly arrange Magento options - add, edit, delist, export/import.

Manage Associated Products

If you have configurable or grouped products, you get Associated Products tab in the lower grid. Here you can see all the associated items and handle them - link new one(s), proceed with alterations, unassign associated products.

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