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Magento Categories

Magento Category
Magento Category

Magento product catalog should be structured in a suitable manner, no matter whether you have thousands of merchandise or you just started selling online and scope of products is not immense. Your webstore will not be customer-oriented until goods are logically sorted and buyers can easily reach required product or products.

Magento category lets you group related commodities and display them in easy-to-navigate form instead of random representation. Generally product categories possess relevant name and hold goods of the same type. Categories can be divided into subcategories of different levels that unite products on more specific criteria.

Store Manager for Magento tool, designed to enhance store management activity, ensures ultimate category management. Category tree (all the categories and related categories of all levels) is provided in Categories&Products -> Categories section of the application. You can view necessary categories, handle them using array of operations available on the toolbar, filter products by selected category.

If you put some product into focus, you will get all its properties organized within different tabs of the lower grid. Correspondingly Categories tab shows you Magento category tree and categories or subcategories of all levels, selected product is assigned to. Anytime you need to change product-category association, namely change the category product belongs to at the moment, allocate it to other category(ies) or subcategory(ies).

When it comes to category management store owners should be aware of some facets:

  • Active and Not Active Categories

  • Store Manager for Magento lets you set categories as active or deactivate them. If some Magento category has been set as Not Active it will not be displayed at the front-end, as well as products, it comprises. Although, if some merchandise, present in this category have been also placed to other category or categories which are active, these commodities will be displayed for customers.

  • Bulk Assign Categories to Magento Products

  • Whenever you need to categorize plenty of products or change category association, Assign Categories functionality will come to assistance. To replace or assign certain merchandise, just choose them, resort to this functionality and designate category association checking or unchecking boxes for necessary one(ones)

  • Changing Category Position or Its Hierarchical Level

  • Category sort order can be swimmingly changed with the help of corresponding options disposed on the category toolbar. The application gives you the possibility to change hierarchical level for some category or its subordination (move to other parent category)

  • Massively Add Categories

  • Store Manager deprives you of the necessity to manually create category after category. You are allowed to create numerous product categories and subcategories of different levels via import procedure. Moreover, Store Manager application lets instantly upload new categories and products.

  • Assign Category Images

  • Image can be applied to Magento category in a short span of time. Just drag necessary one from local folder to special window beneath category tree and drop it there. Massively images can be added to categories via import from the file.

Maintain category management on sufficient level with all-in-one ecommerce solution for Magento. Quickly create numerous categories, assign images to them, fill them with products, rearrange category tree or distribute merchandise between necessary categories.

Download trial version of Store Manager and use fully-functional category management tool free for 14 days! Try Free Now!

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