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Magento Cross-Sells

To boost your sales and increase profitability rate, you need to somewhat encourage buyers to purchase more merchandises at your web shop. One of the most widespread methods to allure existing or potential customers to buy products is to make suggestion or recommendation of related products via Magento cross-sells.

Cross-selling technique helps you push wares in the market by offering products or services related to some merchandises. These are impulse items that are displayed in the shopping cart in special block. In such a way, this is a good practice of promoting complementary items that refer to the product that has just been bought.

Store Manager for Magento helps you efficiently arrange cross-sell items and link them to suitable products.

First of all, define what products you want to add cross-sells to. Hover over the catalog and select necessary good. After this go to the lower grid and switch to Cross-sells tab.

magento cross-sells

Operations, which one can perform over cross-sells, are accessible on the toolbar. Whenever related cross-sells should be added to specified product, click on appropriate button. In an instant product search form will appear on the screen. By means of it, you can find items that should be added as Magento cross-sells.

add magento cross-sell products

As you can see, search conditions and options should be inputted in order to find necessary items. Magento products matching the request, will be displayed in Results section below.

Select one or more wares from this list and press Ok to make them related to target Magento item. Immediately good(s) will be displayed as cross-sell(s) under corresponding tab.

Whenever some alterations should be brought to cross-sells, corresponding functionality is at your disposal. Highlight product to be modified and click on Edit product button, disposed on the toolbar. Change product details via product edit window and press Ok to apply them.

alter magento cross-sells

On condition that you do not want these or those products to be cross-sells, you can delete them by means of corresponding option on the toolbar. Note, the product will be unlinked from the main product, but not deleted from product list.

If you select cross-sell product and press Find This Product button on the toolbar, it will automatically switch to this product and show it in the product grid.

Having numerous products and standing in the need of adding multiple Magento cross-sells to different products, you may find it more efficient to upload them in bulk. Instructions on how to carry out this operation and how to correctly organize the file for import can are covered here -


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