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Magento Custom Options

If you want your shoppers to derive an excellent user experience, when they can calculate product price, choose between multiple product options, consolidated within product listing page or input additional details for desired merchandise, Magento custom options will come to assistance. With the help of custom options you can implement catalog customization and respond to customers’ requirements.

Possible variations of the same product will be accessible at the front-end what eliminates the necessity to add each of them as separate product and perform bunch of additional tasks. At times Magento users hesitate between adding custom options or creating configurable products, since find them quite similar. Although, these entities are characterized by some differences, in some cases it is more convenient to use products with custom options, whereas other situations require creating configurables.

In such a way, it is important to have knowledge of Magento custom options usage:

  • generally custom options are of two groups: select (drop-down, radio button, checkbox, multiple select input types) and non-select (text, file, date types)
  • if you use custom options to create variables, you will not be able to manage their inventory
  • product selections created by means of custom options do not exist physically and respectively are not sold individually
  • in case your product catalog does not include immense number of products or limited amount of variations should be created, custom options is a reasonable way out

Store Manager for Magento caters for clear-cut and efficient custom option management mechanism. It is being accomplished in special tab of product lower grid that displays currently existing options if they have been formerly assigned to selected product. Wide array of functional capabilities ensure accurate data handling and endows you with multiple advantages.

Magento custom options management

Instantaneously Create New Variants or Change Current Ones

If Magento product is missing of some options or there appeared new variants and you have not added them yet, it can be done in a few clicks only. Put this product into focus, turn to Custom Options tab and designate details required for product custom option to be created. Depending on custom option type - select or non-select, you should proceed with definite settings.

Irrespective of Magento custom options type, you are expected to provide its title, input type, input type, sort order and whether it is required. The other details depend on the option type. For example, adding custom option with “file” input type, one can additionally preset allowed file extensions and image size. Options with select type should be supplemented with options that will represent choices at the front-end.

Similarly you are allowed to input alterations to existing custom options updating them in such a way.

How to create custom option in magento

Add text option

Multiply Options

Copying custom options you can assign them to numerous products instead of their manual configuring what can be time-consuming. If some merchandise require variants, similar to ones you have already added to other products, you can resort to copy/paste functionality and add Magento custom options to target items.

Import/Export Magento Product Custom Options

In order to lighten and at the same time enhance custom option management Store Manager for Magento gives its users the possibility to export options and details to the file and import them from the file to database what allows to swimmingly update or add custom options of different types.

To find detailed instruction on custom options import read the article that describes this process - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tipstricks/import-custom-options-with-store-manager-for-magento/

Make product catalog management more and more efficient, fall back upon Store Manager for Magento and all-purpose tool for custom options handling. Download free trial version of this solution

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