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Magento Customers Tagged Product

If you are online retailer and have Magento-powered store, you should acquaint with Magento tags notion and learn how they work. Tag can be defined as one-word or phrase description added to merchandise that, actually, acts as a keyword. Tags are being displayed at the front-end at product page and are viewable by everyone browsing the product.

Who Can Add Magento Product Tags?

  • customer
  • Registered customers, who are logged in to their accounts, can leave the tag or multiple tags if needed, detaching them by space and enclosing in quotes (') if a phrase is being used. Tag block is disposed below the product description. Although, tags do not appear immediately after visitors add them at the storefront, since should be approved by web shop administrators.

  • store owner
  • Magento users can create tags from the back office and assign them to desired product listings. Store Manager for Magento makes tagged product management more flexible. You can easily assign tags to necessary product listings in corresponding Product Tag tab.

    Reasons to Add Magento Tags:

    • tags help make your content searchable
    • improve the navigation of your site
    • make easier to find similar products

    It has been already mentioned that only registered buyers can leave product tags. After certain tags have been added, site administrator should change their status, in the other words, approve Magento tags. Otherwise tags won’t be displayed at the storefront. Screenshots below demonstrates how to accomplish this.

    Magento product tags
    Magento product tags

    Once the tags are confirmed, they are displayed at the product page.

    Magento product tags
    Magento product tags

    Number of products, this or that tag is assigned to, is indicated in round brackets. All the keywords are assigned to one product, except of “camera”, inherent to three products.

    If some tag is assigned to more than one product and you click on it, you will get the list of all items, the tag is attached to, what lets you easier reach needed product.

    You might also need to get some info and statistics about clients that have tagged your products or track who is tagging currently. Among tab of the lower grid you can find the one titled correspondingly “Customers Tagged Product”. Having opened it, you will get the list of shoppers who have left keyphrases for product focused. Beside customer first and last name, email address, you can view tag this customer left.

    If necessary you may filter tags using filter options available on the toolbar - show tags of selected product or show all tags.

    Magento product tags
    Magento product tags

    Store Manager for Magento helps organize business process efficiently and spend less time on usual routine tasks.

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