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Inventory Management with Magento Store Manager Software

Have you already established Magento e-store? Good, but it is only half of task done. Now you need to make sure that it is running successfully and that your Magento inventory management system is on the proper level.

Why Do I Need Magento Inventory Management Software?

Just imagine that you sold out all your products, your product stock approaches to 0 and you did managed to fulfill your reserve in advance. You will not only lose sales, but even worse, the clients who were willing to buy, but the product wasn’t on offer any more.

There can also be another situation. You might have in your store thousands of items of one product, but in case it won’t be in demand, you will lose profit.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious: you need to track your Magento inventory, but remember to keep stock on the adequate level, finding the golden middle between having too little and too many goods.

Handling your stock using a multi-functional and reliable inventory management tool will make the control process quick and effortless. Watch this video to check the scope of stock management functions brought by Store Manager.

Benefits of Magento Inventory Management via Store Manager

Stock control can be held for each product individually, however, there are some global inventory system configurations that should be set. If you want them to be applied to the product, tick the checkbox - “Use Config Settings”. In case you would like to change global settings, you can uncheck the mentioned checkbox.

Generally, depending on your needs, you can combine the change both global and individual settings. In Store Manager you can change or set the settings in Inventory tab of lower grid. It is very convenient, as you can easily switch between the products and see Magento stock, quantity and other settings for each product. No additional windows are opened.


Lets have a closer look at what options you can customize performing proper inventory control:

  • Manage stock - this is general option that allows you to manage your Magento stock. If it is set to No, your product will always be available for purchase from the front-end, even if you do not have it actually at your warehouse.
  • Qty - contains the available number of items of this particular product.
  • Minimum Qty for Item's Status to become Out of Stock - on the basis of the value set there, the product will become not available for purchase if it’s quantity reaches this point.
  • Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart - the customer will not be able to buy less product items than it is indicated in this field.
  • Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart - the biggest amount of entities that the buyer can add to the cart.
  • Qty Uses Decimals – this option allows ordering with decimals like 0.25 of an item.
  • Backorders – if this option is enabled, the customers will be able to book/reserve the product even in case the product is no longer at warehouse.
  • Notify for Quantity Below - when the quantity goes below the value, indicated here, the store owner will receive a notification. In this way you will always know when your inventory needs to be updated.
  • Enable Qty Increments - this option allows you to sell products in batches.
  • Qty Increments - set specific number of products here. A client will be able to make a purchase only in the increments that were specified.
  • Stock Availability - makes the product available/not available for purchase. If product quantity is set to 0, the product becomes out of stock automatically. You can temporarily make an item not available for sale, setting the product to out-of-stock, even if product quantity is higher than 0.

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Get to know how to make your Magento inventory management automated and have it always updated as at supplier’s site:


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