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Magento Product Reviews

Nothing helps convert undecided visitors into confident shoppers more than trustworthy feedback from other people you already gave this product or service a try. You can spend lots of time and efforts on advertizing, but customers place more value in the opinions of their fellow consumers than in laudatory product descriptions.

Researches state that Magento product reviews are number one source of information on whether the item is worth investment or not. Positive testimonials from satisfied customers will add to your products’ perceived value and dismiss second-guesses current shoppers might have.

Сan you afford to miss the opportunity to better showcase your goods making use if Magento reviews and ratings?

If you are still doubting, let’s consider more arguments “for” and show what this useful functionality can bring to you.

Benefits of Magento Ratings and Reviews Usage

More information for your customers!

Shoppers all the time want to know more about any product they have an eye on. “Has somebody already bought it?”, “Is it as good as was promised?” “Does it really look like as in the photo?” - These are the questions clients want to know in the first place. Product Reviews offer these answers and make your store live and interactive.

More information for you!

You can easily see which products your clients like more and which less by viewing top-rated or lowest-rated items (from the whole catalog or particular category). Discussed product will show you the number of reviews written for certain period. The best thing is that accurate “statistics” comes from your clients directly.

Suitable for any product or service!

Clothing, computers, media? Whatever your products are - you can use reviews for them, so they are all-round, since can be applied to all the goods.

Your customers may not be great writers. Not a problem - they can simply evaluate the product in stars. If shoppers want to share opinion - let them write a review.

If you’re looking to harness the power of consumer reviews for your Magento store, read on!

Enabling Product Reviews in Magento

In case at the front-end there is no possibility for your client to leave the review, check if this option is enabled in your Magento administration part. Go to System-> Configuration -> Product reviews and option “Allow Guests to Write Reviews” should be set to “Yes”.

products reviews
products reviews

To enable rating in stars you have to do to Catalog -> Reviews and Ratings -> Manager ratings and select from existing or create your own parameter to evaluate. To not forget to select store view where rating will be shown.

products reviews
products reviews

Managing Reviews and Ratings For Products

Usually reviews should be approved by store owners, since spammers do not sleep and can mess your well-organized catalog and spoil feedback on your goods. Thus, you need to do it one-by-one for each product. Sounds that it will take long hours: opening one item, checking for reviews, approving them, saving changes, moving to another entity... and so on. You can reduce the actions to minimum with Store Manager for Magento.

The obvious advantage of the application is that you can see and modify reviews for all the products in your catalog without the necessity to open edit form for each. The application allows to change details right away in the lower grid, moving up or down the product list.

magento product reviews

In case you do not want to browse products, you can set filter “Show all reviews” and manage all the feedbacks for all goods in one place.

products reviews
products reviews

Boost your shoppers' confidence with trustworthy reviews, managed in a smart way with Store Manager for Magento!

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