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Magento Product Tags

Magento offers online store owners the option to allow registered customers to add to products some related words or phrases, known as ‘tags’.

What Are Tags and Why to Use Them?

Basically Magento tags are relevant keywords or keyword phrases associated to certain products. There may be a ton of keywords that correspond to a given product, but you often can’t use all of them in product description at once. But in product tags — you definitely can.

The main purpose of tags is to organize products better, improving customer navigation on your site and raise chances of the products to be found. Tags in some way categorize and connect your products: each tag is a link and when a customer clicks on a tag, he/she sees all products associated with that tag. This way tags can used by your customers as an alternative method for browsing through your product catalog.

Tags Added by Customers

Tags can be added only by logged in users. The keywords will be viewable by everyone browsing the product, at the bottom of product info page, but only once they were approved by store administrator.

magento product tags

If the customer types more than one tag, he/she has to separate them with a single space. If the tag consists of more than one word, the phrase has to be enclosed in single quotes. It is possible to add as many tags to the products, as you wish.

Tags Added/Managed by Store Administrator

Appropriate Magento product tags can optimize your pages for long tail search requests, thus visibly boost your site traffic. So you might think that it is a good idea to add some relevant tags to contribute to better search and optimization of your goods.

Store Manager for Magento offers you an opportunity to add tags yourself (as administrator) or on behalf of any client registered at your store.

magento admin tags

With the application you will be able to:

magento filter tags

  • filter Magento tags: show all tags or those which are just only assigned to one product;
  • add new ones or delete existing tags;
  • change the status of tag, choosing among pending, approved and disabled.

What is more beneficial, you can perform some operations over tags in bulk. For example, in situation when you have noticed that there gathered lots of tags created by clients and you do not want to spend too much time on approving them one-by-one. So you set the filter to “Show all tags”, select those you would like to be visible at the front-end and press button - ‘Change Status’ -> Approved.

magento tag status

Offer quick navigation for clients in your store and at the same time help search engines index your site better. Experience easier way to add and manage Magento product tags with Store Manager for Magento -


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