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Magento Related Products

Offering clients to add to cart some associated items beside of viewed one, is another eCommerce trend that boosts sales and brings customer satisfaction on another level. It can be achieved by means of Magento related products. As related goods can act accessories or any other accompanying products that might be useful for buyer of item that is decided to purchase.

No wonder that related goods have become so much popular among online retailers as well as among shoppers. When a buyer wants to purchase something online, a number of related accessories or similar complementary products are immediately introduced to his/her view. As a result, clients who have made up their mind on a purchase, see what’s else might be useful and decide to buy more or at least have a plan to return for liked item. For store owner more goods are added to cart - more profit received. Everyone is happy and satisfied.

The obvious benefit of Magento related products usage is the fact that they are intended to be ordered quickly while ordering another product without the need to go through associated product’s page.

Related items have to be static products. They cannot be complex products that require personalization or additional configuration before ordering. The reason for this is because related products usually are placed at the front-end in the right column of a product page and only have a check-box in front of them or button “Add to cart”.

Being an owner of Magento-based eCommerce shop, you simply cannot ignore this trend. Now when you made up your mind to make it working, you might discover that you will have to add related goods to necessary products one-by-one.

Store Manager for Magento application is aimed to satisfy the needs of business owners and allows more convenient and approachable way to append related products to multiple goods at once.

Basically, the procedure is the following:

  1. You select products you would like to add related goods to. You can either apply the filter (using default one or creating custom filter) or select a few items by holding button Ctrl on your keyboard.
  2. In the lower grid select the tab “Related Products”.

  3. magento related products

  4. Press “Add related products” button and you will see search form opened. There you will be able to enter condition on the basis of which lookup should be performed. It is possible by checking checkboxes that stand for attributes to search in. Since in Magento almost all product aspects are reflected by means of attributes, so you can basically find item by any product detail. After you received search results you choose which exactly items from the list of found you would like to be added.

  5. magento search related items

  6. Press OK button for selected associated products to be applied to parent ones.
  7. Go through chosen parent goods and see assigned to them items.

Store Manager for Magento allows customers to wield the marketing power at its fullest and sell more by means of Magento related products.

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