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Magento Tier Price

What is the online shopping website without sales promotions? Specials are used as a way to drive customers’ attention and lure them to leave an order at your site. Magento tier price belongs to promotional tools and is widely used by shopkeepers to set quantity discounts for definite merchandise.

Tier price is a quantity-based discount, shoppers will get when buying products in bulk. This is efficient method to move more wares and, respectively earn more. As for example, you provide reduced product cost, on condition that customer buys 5 or 10 items of this product. It is possible to assign more than one tier price condition to one product and let clientele choose suitable one. Suppose, 5 items bought will bring the price down and item will cost $5 less. Although, when 8 items of this very product are added to the cart, each of them will cost $10 less. In such a case you add two tier price records to necessary product.

Let's go from theoretical part and see how to put covered above into practice.

Adding Tier Price in Magento Admin

We are going to walk through short instruction that clearly explains how to add tier price to certain merchandise in backend.

  1. Log in to admin page first and navigate to Catalog -> Manage Products.
  2. Reach the product, Magento tier price is expected to be assigned to and switch to product editing, double clicking on the listing or pressing corresponding Edit button.
  3. Left menu comprises multiple tabs, that home product details. Open Price tab, where product prices are being managed and find Tier Price field there.

  4. Magento tier price
    Magento tier price

  5. Click on Add Tier option and designate price conditions in the field.

  6. Magento tier price
    Magento tier price

    Website - oftentimes business people resort to multi-store practice and set several websites. When creating tier price, you need to choose the website it will be applied.

    Shopper group - indicate shoppers of what group will access this price offer. You can assign current tier price to some specific customer class or make it accessible for all the groups.

    Price - indicate how product will be priced if customer purchases determined amount of products.

    Quantity - number of items, customer must purchase to get special.

  7. Click Add Tier to save apply quantity discount and save the changes implemented.

What About Store Manager?

Although, you always have the possibility to optimize catalog price management, make it more flexible and less time-consuming. Store Manager for Magento will help you out. Tier prices are being managed in respective tab of product lower grid. You do not need to open separate edit form for each product if you want to add discount or check whether this or that product has Magento tier price assigned. Just select any of products from the list and switch to Tier Price tab. If you need to update price for some products or add new quantity discount record, accomplish it in respective edit tier price window.

Magento tier price
Magento tier price

Moreover, this application greatly cuts the time, spent on tier price handling since allows to attach it to numerous product via import. This article describe how to bulk add tier prices - www.mag-manager.com/import-tier-prices

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