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Magento Up-Sells

Store owners, who aim at increasing their profits, should resort to different practices to promote their merchandise and add value to a sale the customer is already willing to make. Up-selling is popular nowadays technique to put your products to the market.

What Are Magento Up-Sell Products?

Magento up-sells can be defined as products, which can be bought instead of currently viewed by a customer items. These are more expensive goods or items of better quality, which belong to the same category. Up-sells are displayed at product info page. For example, you can suggest a larger screen television as compared to that, clients are going to buy.

Store Manager for Magento allows you to handle up-sell products and swimmingly create relations between the items. Up-sells are being arranged in product lower grid in corresponding tab.

magento up-sells

How to Add Up-Sells?

In the first instance, clarify what item Magento up-sells will be linked to. Hover over the catalog to reach this product or use filters and search functionality if you have great variety of products. Focus necessary item and go to the lower grid. Choose Up-sells between the tabs.

If some products have been already assigned as up-sells to this item, they will be listed in this section, otherwise no records will be found. Operations, you can accomplish over up-sells, are available on the toolbar. To link some products to current one, press Add Up-Sell Product(s) icon. You will get product search form, by means of which related items will be attained. Keep in mind, goods that should be associated as up-sells must be created already and found via search.

You are supposed to designate conditions and search options on the basis of which required items will be attained. Results window below demonstrates products that match the request. Pick out appropriate merchandise and press OK to link them to the main product. In the instant Magento up-sells will be displayed under corresponding tab.

add magento up-sell product

On condition that you need to implement some modifications to up-sell products, select them, click on edit icon and input alterations in necessary fields. Save implemented modification once they are implemented.

alter magento up-sells

If you want to unlink some items, so that they will not be shown as up-sells, choose them and press Delete button.

Having selected up-sell and pressed Find this Product button disposed on the toolbar, you will be automatically transferred to product grid and get this product in the list.

Maintaining up-sell products in good order is important for you business, since they incentivize shoppers to add more products to cart and place bigger order in such a way.

When you have multitude of products and want to link related up-sells to them, you will undoubtedly succeed uploading them en masse by means of product import wizard. Accomplish product import using the following instructions - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/how-to/how-to-import-magento-cross-sells-up-sells-and-related-products

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