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Magento Search Products

Magento it definitely a beast in the view of the features it possesses, though no one is perfect and there are still some places where it should be cleverer. Magento product search is a case in point.

The backend of Magento provides limited possibilities for Magento search of various store information. Thus, when store owners often need to quickly find some particular product(s) by some specific details, they can use search functionality of Store Manager for Magento to perform Magento filter products operations.

One of the obvious benefits of the application is that it supports multi-store search, so shop owner does not have to switch between stores (store views) looking for the necessary item.

To call up search form, press appropriate button in the main menu of Store Manager.

There you will see 3 main sections: search conditions, search options and results.


In “Text to search” field type a word or phrase or at least a few first letters of your product search request on the basis of which the product can be found. Search term will be looked at the fields where you indicate attributes to search in. Basically, in Magento all the product details are expressed by means of attributes and all of them are available for lookup. Select from the drop-down where to find the match of the search request by ticking checkboxes next to necessary attributes.

Moreover, you can select to find text in all of the fields or only in the one field.

Search Option

You can select the following actions -

  • any word - if this radio button is enabled, then search will be made on the basis of any word (in case there are a few) which were typed;
  • all the words - in this case you will get products that contain every of the typed words, though they may be in random positions in one attribute;
  • exact phrase - typed phrase have to be in the same order somewhere in selected attribute;
  • exact match - the results returned will have completely the same attribute value as was entered.

Additionally you can select to get instant search results. If this option is checked, there is no need to press “Find” button to start lookup. You can also start searching directly when the window appeared. In this case previous search results will be used.


In this section you will have records which match your request. If you double-click on any item from the list of available ones, Store Manager will take you to its category and the product will be selected there. Directly from this field you can either edit or delete necessary product.Moreover, in case you need to work with received list of goods further on, you can create custom Magento filter for them which will be accessible when the search window will be closed and even after the whole program was closed.

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