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Magento Reports

It's important to stay up to date with the overall performance of the business. Magento Reports section allows a store owner to view information about customers' behavior on the website.

In this section the following articles on reports management available:

All reports in Store Manager can be customized, you can change report layout, insert pictures (logos), add and remove fields etc.

Every report consists of two major parts:

  1. Report template
  2. Report queries

Report templates stored in .fr3 files they contain report layout information. Report queries stored in .sql files, they contain SQL queries to retrieve data required for report.

You can find report files under "Application Data" directory shortcut:
Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager for ... -> Application Data.

In Documentation you can read also about General Reports and Custom Reports.

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Documentation for Store Manager for Magento is available here

If you want us to create report for you, send us requirements and request a quote - mag-manager.com/product-information/magento-report/.

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