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Magento Barcode Labels: Create and Print

Do you need a quick and easy tool to create and print barcodes for Magento products? You've come to the right place as this tutorial contains the information that will be useful in case you want to create labels for multiple Magento products at once on the basis of product SKU, EAN, UPC or ID.

Why to Use Barcode Labels for Magento Products?

Any product distribution requires items identification in the form of barcode labels. These stitching cards indicate important information on contents of package in the form of graphic. This way there is no need to open package each one-by-one.

Barcoding drastically cuts down on time and human error and is an essential step for tracking your products easier, when creating shipments for example.

Barcodes: Internationally Recognized or for Internal Usage?

Barcode labels need to be built on the basis of some numeric values. Depending on what codes are used for barcode labels generation, they can be created for personal use within the store or universally accepted.

If you use internationally recognized barcodes which are purchased from specialist barcode providers, your labels will be in a standardized global language for suppliers and retailers to ‘communicate’ with each other. To these codes that are recognized worldwide belong: EAN, UPC, GTIN, ISBN, ASIN or any other unique code you get registering your products through official standards organizations in your country.

When standardizing your barcodes for internal uses, you can use any numeric product records you have in your online store - SKU, ID, MPN or any other. Just mind that they need to be unique in order to avoid duplicated values when managing goods.

Barcode Labels Generator

By default Magento does not offer the ability to print barcode labels, so you can use Store Manager for Magento application that includes the needed functionality.

Integrating Store Manager with barcode labeling into your Magento eCommerce system you can quickly generate, save as PDF (or other popular formats) or print barcode labels no matter if you need them for internal or universal usage.

Download 14-day FREE version of Store Manager to generate barcode labels! Create Free!

Using Store Manager you will be able to:

  • Generate barcode labels on the basis of SKU, ID, EAN or UPC
  • Create and print labels for multiple selected products at once
  • Customize labels template, designing it according to your needs
  • Avoid monthly fees (or use absolutely free for 14 days)

Create&Print Magento Barcode Labels

Store Manager can be installed to your PC in a few minutes, basically clicking a few times ‘Next’.

After that you will be able to print one or multiple barcodes at once by going through the following steps:

  1. Select goods you want to generate barcode labels for.
  2. Right-click and from the context menu choose Reports -> Barcode labels

  3. magento generate barcode labels
    magento generate barcode labels

  4. In the window appearing select store view you want to use.

  5. magento generate barcode labels
    magento generate barcode labels

  6. You should also indicate the field that will be used for barcode labels generation from the drop-down available.

  7. Please note, the field you select here should contain numeric values only. Otherwise barcode will not be generated.

    magento generate barcode labels
    magento generate barcode labels

  8. Check the labels created. You can save them or print right from this window.

  9. magento generate barcode labels
    magento generate barcode labels

Results & Output

You can see that barcode labels contain the following info:

  • Product name
  • Company logo
  • Price
  • EAN/ID/UPC and SKU

Barcode Labels Template

Users can customize your barcode labels, including color, size, font, and text alignment, upload a company logo.

To do this you need to got to: Start-> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager for Magento -> Application data -> Custom_Reports -> Barcode labels

You can edit report file with the help of Fast report program and customize the layout of your labels.

Store Manager for Magento gives you the flexibility to meet your most demanding labeling needs! Download FREE

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