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Magento General Reports

Being an online entrepreneur, you need to constantly track business activity or develop in-depth reports to know exactly what and when should be done further. What products sell good? How many products were purchased in a week? What merchandise deserved customers’ attention? These and many other questions are crossing shop owners’ mind and they want to know the answers, since the last are critical for them to make future plans.

Store Manager for Magento incorporates responsive report functionality for accurate and instant analysis of your store performance. Depending on Store Manager Edition (Standard, PRO or Enterprise) you are using for shop handling, you have various report functionality at disposal. Standard Edition provides general reports only, whereas PRO Edition lets customize reports and outline some detailed specifications you need. When speaking about Store Manager for Magento Enterprise, it boasts of more advanced reporting capabilities, namely it includes frequency, monetary, recency reports, one-time buyers, latency matrix.

In this article we are going to outline main points considering general reports, available in Store Manager, respectively, under Store->General Reports.

Store Manager Standard and PRO

In case you work with Standard Edition, you may take advantage of Best Viewed Products report available.

If you are using Professional Edition, you may retrieve data for analysis via the following reports:

  • Best Viewed Products
  • Best Sellers (by product name)
  • Best Sellers (by manufacturer)
  • Best Viewed (total views)
  • Order Total

Correspondingly, you can instantaneously attain the list of the most often viewed merchandise, sort best sellers by manufacturer or names, check order total creating any of the reports listed.

Magento Best Sellers Report

magento best product sellers report

Best Viewed Products Report

magento best viewed report

To generate one of reports, available, simply click on it, choosing certain store view at first. Select the timeframe to track metrics within, if selected report requires it. You can process created report using options disposed on toolbar, namely print it, open via other programs, save to local folder in specific file format (.csv, .gif. .pdf, excel table, .txt, etc). You can adjust report page settings or edit it via Fast Report window (change font size, color, frames, styles).

magento report management

Magento report source .fr3 files are stored in Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager for Magento -> Application Data -> Reports

Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition

As it has been mentioned above, this edition of Store Manager provides more advanced and comprehensive set of general reports. The following reports are available:

  • Best Viewed Products
  • Best Sellers (by product name)
  • Best Sellers (by manufacturer)
  • Best Viewed (total views)
  • Order Total
  • Frequency
  • Monetary
  • One-time Buyers
  • Recency
  • Frequency, Recency, Monetary
  • Latency Matrix

store manager for magento enterprise edition reports

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) report will display the latest statistics, you can analyze shoppers’ purchase behavior, check how often this or that customer makes a purchase at your online shop or view how much money a customer spent over certain period of time. These things are very important for business growth and help make right decisions. Recency, Frequency and Monetary Report particularities are outlined in the article -


magento one time buyer report

Latency Matrix report lets you analyze behaviour of buyers, who have left 1, 2, 3, ...10, 10+ orders, check how long it took for them to make other purchases and make forecasts for upcoming purchases. More details are available in the article - magento-report-latency-matrix

Do not miss a single detail, analyze business performance and implement techniques to increase sales.

Take all the advantages of Store Manager for Magento report functionality Get It Now!

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