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How to Enable Additional Language in Store Manager for Magento

Any software is as good as it can possibly be when it “speaks” the same language you do. Application interface is a “go-between” that enables users to interact with this application and, correspondingly, it should come in language users understand.

Store Manager for Magento is being exploited by abundance of store owners worldwide, living in different countries and, respectively, speaking various languages. For their convenience Store Manager application comes in multiple languages.

What Languages Is Store Manager for Magento Translated Into?

Current Store Manager translations are being constantly bettered as well as new ones are being added. In case your language is not supported, you can commence on translation project, proceed with translation and get bonuses from eMagicOne. List of languages accessible, translation terms and conditions are provided at Store Manager for Magento Translations

On condition that your language is provided and you want Store Manager interface to be translated into it, you should download and install corresponding language package.

How to Install Required Language Package(s)?

Language packages are accessible in Localization section of Preferences window (Main Menu -> Preferences or simply press F12). Percentage of translation fulfilled is indicated for each language to the right. Language packages that have been already activated are marked as Installed.

store manager for magento translation

To enable required language you should put corresponding locale into focus and click on Download and install language package icon what is located next to it. Within several seconds the package will be set up and Installed mark will appear beside it.

In case you select locale, translation for which is not completed, you will get a notification message with details. You will be informed what part of translation has been done and asked for confirmation. As for example, you would like to set Italian language for application interface. Its translation is incomplete, 78% of words and phrases are translated to Italian. The rest of words and phrases will come in English. If it suits you, confirm the action and selected package will be downloaded.

change store manager for magento language

Activate Necessary Language

After desired package has been downloaded and installed, you can enable it and get Store Manager interface represented in this language. Highlight the language to be activated and press Activate Selected Language button below.

activate store manager for magento language

All the packages you have added are automatically included into Application Language dropdown available in Settings section of Store Manager. Any time you stand in need of changing application language simply choose it from the dropdown.

magento languages

We care about each and every store owner using applications we develop and strive to ensure positive user experience. Store Manager application, preferred by numerous web shop proprietors from all over the world, comes in different languages and, respectively, online entrepreneurs can manage web stores in their native languages.

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