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How to Join Store Manager for Magento Translation Project

Join the translation project at Crowdin.net and get Store Manager for Magentofor free as the author of the best translation. You can also become our regular translator and help us with translations of the new versions of Store Manager. This way you’ll receive free update service for 3 or 6 months depending on the option you choose (1 time translation, 2-3 translations per quarter). If you follow up with updates in the language files you will be able to receive our update service for unlimited period of time. To join the project press the corresponding button. You’ll be redirected to the page of Store Manager for Magento translation project at Crowdin.net
Choose the corresponding language and press Translate button.
Translate Mag Manager
Enter your login and password to sign in to Crowdin.net or register your account
Crowdin Login
If you’re the registered Crowdin.net user, you’ll see the following buttons in the translation project:
Now you can suggest your translations and contribute to the progress of the project. If you have any suggestions on Store Manager for Magento translation project, you’re welcome to contact our support team.

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