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Quick Start Guide

Store Manager for Magento is a desktop application and in order to use it for online store management you should install it on your PC or laptop. Afterwards you are expected to proceed with some settings to be able to access database and work with it

This section covers the following points, merchants should consider when they start working with the application:

In general, you are expected to:

Install Store Manager for Magento

Firstly download the application and install it on the computer being guided by installation wizard. Register Store Manager with license key received after purchase

Set Up Store Connection

To access Magento database, you need to connect Store Manager to it. You can choose between direct, bridge or direct through HTTP tunnel types of connection, which can be set either manually or through special Connection Wizard

Connect to FTP

FTP connection is required for Magento imagery management. In other words, to be able to upload, view, manually add, etc images, you have to firstly provide FTP details and configure connection

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