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Direct Database Connection Settings

In order to handle Magento store data (manage product catalog, customers, orders, etc), you are supposed to configure database connection. Having downloaded and installed on your computer either free or trial version of Store Manager for this shopping cart, you must connect to Magento database.

You have three connection types at disposal, namely direct connection, direct connection through HTTP tunnel and bridge connection. Respectively, you can select the one that best suits you. Below in this article you can find step-by-step instructions on what details are demanded and how to set up direct connection to MySQL database.

What are peculiarities of direct connection? It allows you to immediately post changes you have implemented. As for example, you manually add new product, input associated details and after you click on Ok button, it appears in product list. This very product will be available at the front-end right after you add it to Magento catalog. On the contrary, if you use bridge connection, you should get data from the web and logically post it back each time you make some changes.

To configure direct type of connection and use it for data management you may either configure required settings manually or use Connection Wizard and automate this operation.

How to Configure Magento Database Connection via the Connection Wizard

Connection Wizard helps you establish connection to your store database step-by-step.

  1. To launch the Wizard, open Store Manager => Settings => Connection Wizard. (Also, you can launch the Wizard from Preferences => Database Connection => Database Connection Wizard.). In the welcome window, select "Create New Store Connection" and press "Next".

  2. Magento Store Manager Direct Connection Wizard Launch
    Launch Magento Store Manager Direct Connection Wizard

  3. Specify your store URL. Best of all, copy it from the browser and paste it in the field. Press "Test store URL" to verify entered data:

  4. Magento Store Manager Direct Connection Store URL
    Enter your store URL

  5. In this step, you are prompted to select a type of connection. As we are setting direct connection now, select this option and press "Next":

  6. Magento Store Manager Connection Wizard Select Direct
    Select Direct type of connection in the Wizard

  7. Provide FTP settings (or change the existing ones if you are editing current connection). Check whether you can connect to FTP with the parameters you have specified. If FTP connection works, proceed to the next step.
  8. direct connection
    direct connection
  9. In this window, provide your host address (your Magento website name without http://www or IP address). If it has not been recognized by Store Manager, use the Autodetect option.
  10. direct connection
    direct connection
  11. Next comes the window with your database login details. User name and password details are automatically detected and filled in by the Connection Wizard.
  12. direct connection
    direct connection
  13. Database name and table prefix (if there is one) will also be recognized and filled in automatically.
  14. direct connection
    direct connection
  15. Finally, enter a name of the Magento database connection configuration.

  16. Magento Store Manager Direct Configuration Name
    Name your new direct connection

  17. The last wizard window will show connection details.

  18. Magento Store Manager Direct Connection Details
    Review your Direct Connection Details

    After you finish with the Wizard, you'll be redirected to the "Preferences" section. You can press "Apply" to save the connection and stay in the "Preferences" to continue configuring other settings. Or you can press "OK" to retrieve your store database (category tree, products, orders, etc) and start managing your store via Store Manager.

    Set up the Connection Manually

    If you prefer setting up direct database connection manually, open Store Manager => Settings => Preferences => Database Connection. In the list, select "Direct Connection:

    Magento Store Manager Manual Direct Connection
    Set up Direct Connection manually

    Press the "+" icon to add new connection and fill in the name of configuration:

    Magento Store Manager Add Direct Connection Manually
    Press the "+" icon to add new direct connection

    In the fields below, input required details:

    • Host - your Magento website name (without http://www) or IP address.
    • User name (login), passwords, database name - to find these details you have to connect to the FTP using some FTP client. Afterwards, open store root directory and find the /app/etc directory. There you will see the local.xml or env.php file that incorporates database credentials.
    • Port - usually 3306 is used.

    Check whether the settings are correct by clicking the "Test Connection" button. Click "Apply" to save your entries and stay in the "Preferences", or press "OK" to save the configuration and start managing your store.

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