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Magento Store Manager Configuration

Store Manager for Magento belongs to desktop solutions and in order to use it for e-shop handling, you must first download and install this application within several installation steps. Afterwards, you are supposed to connect to Magento database (Open Source and Adobe Commerce are supported), in case you, of course, are not planning to work with embedded database on purpose to check Store Manager functionality.

Basically, store configuration provides the settings that are essential for connecting Store Manager with shop. You can configure Store Manager database connection Preferences (F12) ->Store Connection. For more flexible configuration handling, use options provided in this window.

Configuration Creating Methods

For store configuration to be created, you must provide certain setting details and it can be done in several ways.

  1. Manually designate connection settings

    If you prefer manual method, you should first specify configuration name in New Configuration window. Next, type of database connection should be selected from the list and depending on it you have to provide connection details below.

  2. Magento store configuration
    Magento store configuration
    Magento store configuration
    Magento store configuration
  3. Use Connection Wizard

    Connection Wizard has been implemented in order to automate connection setup. You can choose between simple and advanced modes, each comprising certain steps. Advanced mode lets specify what connection type must be established (direct, bridge, HTTP tunnel connection). Connection wizard is accessible in Preferences window or can be launched from Settings section of Store Manager for Magento.

  4. Magento store configuration
    Magento store configuration

  5. Load details from the file

    Configuration details can be loaded from the file using corresponding option. Designate configuration name as it has been described already. Press Import settings from .ini file button or find Load Configurations in Actions dropdown. Select folder, containing configuration file and choose this file.

  6. Magento store configuration
    Magento store configuration

  7. Clone existing configuration
  8. Store Manager lets you copy existing configuration and create new one in this way.

Standard and Professional Editions of Store Manager differ in number of connections possible. Standard edition lets you create one store configuration only, whereas Professional edition supports unlimited number of Magento store connections. Thus, if you have several Magento installations what require several configurations to be created correspondingly, resort to Store Manager Professional edition.

To easily switch between stores (change database connection) use Quick Connection Switch functionality disposed in Settings. Once you click on it, list of existing configurations will appear. Choose the needed one and confirm switching in the dialog window.

Magento store configuration
Magento store configuration

Saving Configuration Settings

If necessary, you can save Magento store configuration settings to the file. Store Manager lets you fulfill it using either Save Current Configuration or Save All Configurations functions placed in Actions dropdown.

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