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PHP MySQL Bridge Connection Settings

With Store Manager for Magento being installed on the PC, you have to connect to Magento database(Open Source or Adobe Commerce) disposed at the web server in order to view and process your web shop data. The software allows you to reach database resorting to direct, PHP MySQL bringe or connector module.

If you use bridge connection, you actually work with local copy of store database which is being created after you click on Get Data from Web (Ctrl+G) button accessible in Tools section of Store Manager. Correspondingly, changes you have implemented (renewed existing data or added new) will not be displayed at the front-end until they are posted. In such a way, you are obliged to accomplish Post Changes to Web (Ctrl+P) operation.

If you find this type of database connection more favourable and convenient you can choose it for online store management. To access data via the bridge you have to designate the necessary settings manually or use a special Connection Wizard.

Configure Bridge Connection Manually

On condition that you opt for manual method of connection configuring, required details should be inputted in Preferences (F12) -> Database Connection.

Although, first of all the newest version of PHP MySQL Bridge should be downloaded. The file is accessible in Service folder placed in C:\Program Files\eMagicOne\Store Manager for Magento. There you will find default login details. These values should be changed to ensure the security of your connection. Once you have implemented the alterations, copy bridge.php file to store root directory using FTP client.

Having switched to Database Connection tab in Preferences and opted for PHP Bridge connection type, you should designate the following details:

  • Bridge URL - provide Bridge URL in this field, what looks likehttp://www.mystore.com/bridge.php, where http://www.mystore.com is your store URL
  • Login and Password - input login details you have provided in bridge.php file
  • Local database name - in this field you should provide name of local database. After all the details are configured, check whether connection works pressing Test PHP Bridge connection button

connection to magento database

Automate Connection Setup Using Wizard

Another method to establish bridge connection to Magento store database is to use a Connection Wizard, available in the same Preferences (F12) -> Database Connection window. Once connection utility is launched you are supposed to proceed with several actions:

  1. Initial Wizard page offers two modes of store connection designating. Choose Advanced Mode since it provides the possibility to indicate what exact connection type you want to set up.

  2. magento connection setup

  3. Succeeding step of a Connection Wizard asks you to opt for suitable action - create new store connection or modify existing one.

  4. create new magento configuration

  5. FTP details should be provided in forthcoming window. You are to input server address, username, password and choose root directory.

  6. ftp details

  7. Afterwards you have to specify website URL. Use Test Store URL button to verify URL provided.

  8. web store url

  9. As it has been mentioned, this method of connection configuring lets you decide on Magento database connection type. Choose respectively bridge connection in this window.

  10. choose database connection type

  11. Bridge login and password will be designated within the following window.

  12. bridge login and password

  13. Click on Next button and you will be automatically transferred to the next window. Here you will find bridge URL and local database name. Test connection using corresponding button available below in this window.

  14. magento bridge connection

  15. After you verify that connection is successful move to subsequent window of connection wizard and designate configuration name.

  16. magento store configuration name

  17. Bridge connection settings - bridge URL, database name, login, etc will be displayed in the last Wizard window.

  18. magento connection settings

While you connect to your store via bridge, you work permanently with database created locally. Each time you have to retrieve database and post alterations afterwards. It is possible to manually input all the details required for the bridge connection to be configured or rely upon Connection Wizard.

Read documentation and find out detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure other types of database connection with Connection Wizard -


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John • 07/23/2015

Thanks God, i found this manual. Had a hard times with Direct connection. IP white list, server restrictions for direct connections, firewalls, a bit slow performance in general. Things got much faster after setting up Bridge, thanks for the article, much appreciated.