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Enrich Your Magento Products with Descriptions, Images and Specifications from ICECat

Products at your web-shop are still missing for some important information and you wonder how other web stores get such nice rich product listings in their shop? Need those “gaps” in your content to be completed as soon as possible, but do not want to lookup for data manually? Check out ICECat.

What is ICECat?

Icecat is a leading content provider that has free data-sheets for your shopping mall! This catalog contains information about various products in about 35 languages and includes the most popular brands and items.

ICECat database is an invaluable resource for store entrepreneurs who have to deal with very large catalogues that are missing of some important information. The catalog is like all-in-one data source of normalised structure, used for getting high quality images, descriptions, products features and specifications, even PDF files about the products sold.

Depending on the assortment available, you can use Open ICECat or if the resources there are not enough, then you can address to Full ICECat.

How to Integrate Your Magento with ICECat


Now when you have discovered ICECat for yourself the question might come - how to bring this information to your shop and get the details correctly assigned to necessary items. As manually looking for the match and copying the details definitely won’t save you from tedious work, you might be interested in the solution to integrate your store with ICECat catalog and synchronize data in more automated way.

How Integration Works?

You need to have Store Manager for Magento and ICECat Integration addon. These solutions will help you to connect with the catalog and find the correspondence for selected Magento products. You can choose the fields that will be used as identifiers for matches: ICECat code, EAN Code, Product Code or Name. You can select needed language and lookup among offered categories and suppliers.

The data needed for synchronization are taken from ICECat in real-time and rendered immediately.

This way you get:

  • automatically updated content with minimum efforts spent.
  • accurate products details and high-resolution pictures.
  • descriptions approved by manufacturers, including specifications and features.
  • better recognized products with brand name assigned to manufacturer.
  • more time you can spend on other website management tasks.

No hard configuration, no extra requirements or programming skills needed. Just sign up for ICECat, install the Store Manager and ICECat Integration addon, follow the steps and you are ready to go!

While others are still adding product-related details manually, you can do it in seconds setting up Magento - ICECat Integration. Do not wait till your competitors find out about solution, make your catalog updated right now!

Take an advantage of Magento-ICEcat Integration and update the catalog at ease Try DEMO

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Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell • 02/11/2015

Can I get products to may store from IceCat free?

Magento Store ManagerMod Daniel Russell • 02/11/2015

No, you can update your own Magento products with images, descriptions and other details available in IceCat catalogue.