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Generate Magento Product Booklets with PDF Catalog Creator Addon

Having your merchandise smartly organized within PDF brochures is a good marketing maneuver. These can be influential advertising and sales tools for you as an online merchant. You can distribute electronic or printed Magento PDF product catalogs for some purpose (events, seasons) and allow your shoppers or suppliers to view descriptive product sheets, what is oftentimes the most convenient source of product information.

Magento PDF Creator
Magento PDF Creator

Magento PDF Catalog Creator addon of Store Manager for Magento is an excellent solution for PDF booklets generating. This multifunctional extension allows to generate customized PDF outputs in understandable and quick way.

What Are PDF Creator Functional Capabilities?

Leaning on comprehensive Creator functionality you can

  • compose multiple sheets with product collections
  • create new catalog using special wizard
  • add products to the booklet and create various product groups if necessary
  • display product name, price, image in the brochure
  • synchronize merchandise in the catalog with those in Store Manager updating them in this way
  • set product position in the catalog
  • choose available layouts or add your own template
  • generate PDF files and save them on PC or make PDF print-outs directly from the application

Starting with PDF Catalog Creator version, it is possible to use custom SQL scripts to select additional product attributes (Tier Price, for example) to display them in a catalog. Contact us for detailed information.

Creating New PDF Catalog. Step-by-Step

After you open PDF Catalog Creator (find it among other Store Manager for Magento addons), you can commence on new Magento PDF catalog creating. This can be done via special wizard or using corresponding options on the toolbar. Suppose you prefer to create the catalog via the wizard. Here are steps to be accomplished:

  1. Start up the wizard from the ribbon menu.

  2. Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

  3. Provide general information first. This wizard page expects you to input catalog name, select currency, provide store name, address, city, e-mail, etc.

  4. Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

  5. Now actually it is the time to add products to your Magento PDF catalog. There will appear separate window with all the shop categories and subcategories of different levels. Checking the box for certain category you transfer all the products, it contains, to PDF catalog.

  6. Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

    Once you are done with these settings, move to the succeeding wizard page, clicking on the arrow above.

    You have the possibility to group merchandise throughout the catalog. Create as many product groups as you need to the left, switch to the group and fill the group with desired items. If there is the necessity to change position of some products in the catalog, you can resort to drag-and-drop technique and shift them to necessary place.

    Among the options on the toolbar you can see “Check all “Is Printable” and “Check all “Is New”.

    • If products have “Is Printable” status assigned, it will be displayed in the print-outs. Contrariwise, if some product listings are not marked as printable, they will not be accessible in the paper catalog.
    • If you want to set “Is New” status for all the entities in the catalog, enable this option. It is possible to mark separate items, checking the box in “Is New” column in the grid.

    Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

  7. Set product catalog layout. Booklets that incorporate unique layout approaches stand a better chance of being noticed and making sales. You can experiment with ready-made design templates or create the one you like. Add background pictures and adjust catalog outlook easily with the addon.

  8. Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

  9. Now you preview Magento PDF catalog you have designated. Afterwards you can generate PDF file and save it locally, upload product brochure on FTP or print it directly from Store Manager. Find corresponding functionality on PDF Catalog Creator toolbar.

  10. Magento PDF Creator
    Magento PDF Creator

    Need to Update the Catalog?

    For sure you would like to renew formerly created product catalogs before let’s say printing them or sending to the clients. If some catalog or catalogs must be updated, you should open Addons -> PDF Catalog Creator. In the left pane you will see all the catalogs you have generated earlier.

    1. Choose the catalog that awaits updating and switch to Products tab.

      All the merchandise, that belong to this catalog, will be listed in the right pane. Consider product groups, of you have them in this catalog. Whenever you need to update product listing from different groups, select this very group.

    2. Pick the entities to be updated and press Update Selected button either on the toolbar or in the context menu.

    3. Magento PDF Creator
      Magento PDF Creator

      Ready! Your PDF catalog has been already updated.

      Please, consider, PDF Catalog Creator is Store Manager for Magento addon and does not operate separately. You should have Store Manager (Standard, Professional, Enterprise Edition) installed. Standard and PRO Edition require the addon to be purchased. It is built in the application in demo mode and allows to create the catalog with 20 products maximum. If you use Store Manager Enterprise Edition you do not need to purchase it additionally, since it is already included into the package.

      Store Manager and PDF Catalog Creator extension offer an easy way to display products via PDF. Configure brochures appearance and features, distribute them and advertise your Magento products.

      Order PDF Catalog Creator at www.mag-manager.com/magento-pdf-catalog-creator

      Create test PDF booklet now Try DEMO

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