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How to integrate your Magento store with Amazon sales channel

Nowadays Amazon is a hugely effective marketplace selling multitudes of products and attracting millions of customers. That might be a good idea to join this sales giant, list your products there and expand business coverage up-tempo. Accomplishing Magento Amazon integration, you actually channel your efforts into running a single, efficient solution.

Amazon Integration addon of Store Manager for Magento has been designed on purpose to help you adopt multi-channel sales strategy and widen clientbase. This is multi-functional solution, providing quick and accurate sync between Magento-based website and Amazon marketplace account. It fulfills fluent creation as well as management of product listings, inventory and price maintenance, order processing, etc.

Please note, the addon is built in Store Manager in demo mode (Standard and PRO Editions) and allows to process up to 10 products only, so you can use it for testing. If you need to process multiple products, you have to register this extension with separate license key, provided after you purchase Amazon Integration. Although, if you use Enterprise version of Store Manager, you do not need to additionally buy the extension, since it is included into the package.

Exporting from Magento to Amazon

To get your products exported from Magento to Amazon, you are supposed to accomplish a couple of settings.

  1. Launch the addon (Addons -> Amazon Integration), select the marketplace, to dispose products at and login with your merchant ID.

  2. Click on “Sell on Amazon” option.

  3. magento amazon integration
    Magento-Amazon Integration

  4. Specify the identifier to search products by at Amazon (product name, ASIN, EAN, UPC, GTIN or other).

  5. search for products on amazon
    Magento-Amazon Integration

  6. Select merchandise to be exported to your Amazon account. Press “Add from my Store” button on the toolbar and use search form to find out necessary products.

  7. Starting from version 0.2.14 (Built:73) Amazon Integration Addon allows to search though entire product catalog or choose certain category, necessary products are listed in. Respectively "Search product" and "Search category" options will display when you press "Add from My Store" option on the toolbar.

    search for magento products to be exported to amazon
    Magento-Amazon Integration

    For testing we have selected "Search Category" option. There has expanded additional window showing category tree with checkboxes for each category and subcategory. To add all products, the category homes, and get them exported from Magento to Amazon check box for certain category.

    export from magento to amazon
    Magento-Amazon Integration

    Some of Amazon categories are greyed out. It means, they are root categories and you can expand tree to see all the categories, they home. The mapping is saved and will remain the same when you export from Magento to Amazon next time.
  8. Find matches on Amazon, pressing “Find on Amazon” button. The addon will return results - Amazon products, you can link your merchandise to.

  9. choose amazon products to match magento ones with
    Magento-Amazon Integration

  10. Match yours Magento store categories with Amazon ones. The products, you export from Magento to Amazon refer to certain categories in Store Manager. These categories requires to be linked to suitable ones at Amazon.

  11. Magento Amazon categories mapping
    Magento-Amazon Integration

  12. Select details, you want to export from Magento to Amazon - base product data, inventory, prices, images. You can designate condition for products to be exported (new, used, refurbished), brand, maximum order quantity, launch and discontinue date, etc. You can set sale price for your products and define timeframe it will be active within.

  13. magento product details to export to amazon
    Magento-Amazon Integration

  14. Once you are done with these settings, preview products in the following window and click Export button to accomplish Magento Amazon Integration.

Start Magento-Amazon integration now Try DEMO

Add Amazon Products to Your Store

Magento Amazon Integration addon allows you to fulfill another manipulation - append Amazon products to your Magento store and automatically export them back to your Amazon account. To accomplish this, click on “Add from Amazon” option and input name of a product, you wish to take from the marketplace.

add products from amazon to magento
Magento-Amazon Integration

Immediately you will get the list of merchandise, matching your inquiry. Directly from this window you can check these products on Amazon.com, clicking on “Product details” option.

Click on “Sell yours” for desired product and configure details for it in accordant window - product quantity, category to place product listing to, price, etc.

export product details from amazon to magento
Magento-Amazon Integration

Press “Add” in this window to add product to your store and export it back to Amazon marketplace.

Update Previously Added to Amazon Products

You might need to renew previously added to Amazon account products. The addon fulfills smooth data synchronization and lets you efficiently update necessary listings.

synchronize magento products with amazon products
Magento-Amazon Integration

After you select “Synchronize Products” action, you will be transferred to the following step, where products, you have already listed on Amazon, are displayed. Select the ones you need to update details for and specify what exactly details should be updated (inventory, prices, images).

Preview product in the following wizard window and confirm data synchronization.

update magento products on amazon
Magento-Amazon Integration

Orders Management

This addon for Magento-Amazon integration allows you to efficiently process orders, made on Amazon. You can view order details, check its status, order total, products ordered, customer details. There is the possibility to filter orders by time period (yesterday, today, this week, last week, etc or even create custom filters) or status (pending, shipped, partially shipped, canceled).

Additionally you can print packing slips, cancel or refund orders.

Amazon Integration is a perfect choice for online store owners who would like to improve their business time management through full synchronization of their Magento-based store and Amazon marketplace account. Increase conversion, capture more sales and engage with the most valuable customers.

*Please note you should use Amazon Professional Selling plan in order to work with Amazon Integration Addon.

**The outlined instructions correspond to Amazon Integration Addon version 0.2.14 (Built:73) or newer. If you see some differences, then you most likely use the older version of Amazon Integration addon and need to update it.

Start Magento-Amazon integration now Try DEMO

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