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Integrate Your Magento with Doba to Make Dropshipping Easier

Are you planning to cooperate with multiple vendors and providers nationwide as well as worldwide, but do not where to start? Are you already tired of searching for wholesale products and legitimate suppliers?

If you ever thought of organizing drop shipping in your store, it is high time. Leave shipping handling and warehouses maintaining to suppliers themselves, combining your Magento with drop shipping facilities to lower costs/efforts and start earning from day one.

So, what really is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a technique used by many online merchants who aim at fulfilling orders and delivering products without having to handle warehouses, packages and actual item delivery.

This way you will be able to cooperate with multiple vendors and suppliers located anywhere, without high capital lock up and intensive warehouse maintenance. With dropshipping you can reduce your work load by making shipping procedure more automated.

There are companies that offer drop shipping services. If you do not know any, try Doba.

Not familiar with Doba?

Doba is not a “middle man”, nor are is a warehouse full of products. Simply, Doba is the #1 Drop Ship Product Source on the Internet. Doba Dropshipper widens the horizons of your business, offering you access to product database with more than 1 million of products offered by more than 250 wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, who will ship purchases directly to your customers, saving you time and money.

You can subscribe for 7-day free membership and try out what they offer.

How to integrate Magento and Doba?

magento doba
magento doba

So now you have account at Doba and there is also your website. How to make them work together? Obviously, manually copying listings from Doba, then checking orders and sending fulfillment requests to your suppliers... all these sound like not exactly automated way, right? There is the application that “fills that gap” by bringing two systems into one. Doba Dropshipper Integration addon eases required operations and allows you to get back to more important things.

The addon opens the following possibilities before you:

  • Select particular Doba inventory lists to import to your Magento, creating new items or updating already existing ones
  • Make sure that information is accurate and avoid typos and incorrect details inputted
  • Synchronize inventory, quantity, stock availability (set 'Out of Stock' status if quantity less than indicated)
  • Add profit margins to goods you import from Doba drop shipper account, increasing their price by some value
  • Set up scheduled synchronization to be running each predefined period
  • Export to Doba orders, received during the definite period (filtering by date)
  • Select order status to process
  • Pay for the orders and even do it automatically on regular basis
  • Do not worry about shipping for your orders, since providers themselves will take care about it.

NOTE, Starting from Store Manager for Magento v., Doba Dropshipper Integration addon is not available for sale and is excluded from the main application, since we have stopped its active development.

By handling the exchange of data through Doba Dropshipper Integration you will be able to streamline operations, generate more sales and fulfill more orders using the virtual supply chain. Don’t waste your time on what can be done much faster and easier. Enhance your online business right now -


Start Magento-Doba integration now Try DEMO

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