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Integrate Your Store to eBay with Magento eBay Integration Addon

What does an average online merchant strive for? What helps to boost business development level and elbow its way to profitability and popularity? Far-seeing web entrepreneur has to constantly widen client base and offer Magento products for sale in different corners of the world.

Nowadays, more and more e-businesspeople tend to export the items they are selling online to eBay. It’s an online marketplace, which contributes to developing trade on local, national or international levels. Having proceeded with Magento eBay export and disposed products at this mega-site, you are broadening marketing outlets for your goods and accelerating sales tempo.

How to quickly send products from Magento to eBay and what is the optimal way of exporting products to this famous auction? Store Manager for Magento and its eBay Integration Addon will give the answer for the question arisen. The addon foresees smooth and convenient product export to eBay marketplace through Store Manager application, installed on PC, what saves loads of time and opens new perspectives to Magento store development, as you do not need to manually list at eBay the same items that you have at your store.

Remember, you should have eBay account to perform bulk Magento eBay export. eBay Integration step-by-step wizard will provide you with useful hints and tips on how to carry our products export to eBay.com website.

Handling products with eBay Integration Addon, you have numerical superiority, namely:

  • fast and convenient export options setting
  • quick creation of product listings for Magento eBay export or synchronization
  • accurate and flawless data export
  • the possibility to link necessary fields to the products chosen from Store Manager list, be it title, images, description, etc
  • the ability to assign needed categories from Store Manager to those of eBay or, in case such categories are missing, create them manually
  • smooth auction settings configuring - auction region and type selecting, setting auction price formula, specifying the auction start and end date, shipping options specifying, etc
  • Magento user can control the process of export to eBay and check the results directly from eBay Integration addon

Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

If you possess first-class Store Manager for Magento and its eBay Integration Addon you have an instrument, which will help to dramatically increase client base, finding new customers all over the world. Be smart and ingenious - increase your revenue - make your e-business more and more profitable with Magento eBay export by means of progressive Store Manager and eBay export Addon. Read details on Addon functionality - mag-manager.com/magento-ebay-integration

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