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Fast Way to Create Magento Product Listings on eBay

More and more web merchants agree that it is not enough to have just a store anymore. To reach potential shoppers they are obliged to make merchandise accessible to customers, integrating their online shops with additional sales channels. eBay is popular nowadays marketplace that entices with huge customer base and helps business owners reach global audience.

How will you take the leap onto eBay and “transfer” desired products from Magento? Store Manager for Magento offers you simple and approachable way to perform Magento eBay integration. eBay Integration, Store Manager addon, ensures flawless export of products to the marketplace, opportune product updates and order import from eBay to Magento.

Starting from Scratch

First of all, it must be emphasized that this addon is built-in solution that runs in demo mode and number of products you can process with is limited. Functionality will be unlocked once this eBay-Magento integration extension is activated with separate License key.

To register the plug-in, open Preferences (F12) -> Addons. Click on “Unregistered” icon beside addon title and input the key in appropriate field. After verification the tool status will be changed to “Registered” and you can commence on data export to eBay.

How to Export Products to eBay?

To export your products to eBay and get listings there, you are supposed to go through several steps. Firstly, Magento-eBay extension must be started up, what can be done in two ways: either press addon icon under Addons section of main menu or expand product context menu and choose Addons - eBay Integration.

After that eBay Magento Integration wizard will come up. It draws several steps, through which you actually need to specify export settings.
  1. Sign in with user ID or email, associated with eBay account you use. If you haven’t yet created account, register on eBay, pressing corresponding button.

  2. Allow to link your eBay account with Magento-eBay Integration addon to be able to export, update products or perform order import from eBay to Magento.

  3. At this step you should choose Export Products option. Moreover, it is possible to map or synchronize merchandise. If you listed products on eBay before started to use Store Manager and eBay Integration addon, you can use map option to link products you have at the store to eBay items. To update product price, quantity, status, synchronize option should be used.

  4. Once product export from Magento to eBay is opted for, you will be transferred to Select General Options step. It’s necessary to indicate at what eBay site you want to create product listings, specify currency and store language. If you have previously created export configuration and want to run the process of data transfer on the basis of it, choose it from the drop-down and press Next to continue.

  5. Associate your product categories with eBay ones. Merchandise, you export to eBay from Magento will be accessible in these categories at marketplace. To get eBay category tree, click in the field beside your Magento category.

  6. Greyed out categories hold subcategories, so you need to expand them and select the one that suits you.

  7. Now you should assign eBay categories (you linked with Magento store categories on previous step) with your eBay store categories.

  8. Magento eBay integration addon gives you a chance to maximally describe the products you are going to sell on eBay. See how it is being done:
    • Set product condition - either new or used;

    • Configure item specifics - each of products you dispose on eBay, will come with specifications if you configure them at this step of Magento eBay integration configuring. You may ascribe to products specifics offered or add your own characteristic.

      Each of specifics available in this list can acquire value either from eBay database either from your Magento database. Press corresponding icon beside desired source to get the list of values to be assigned.

  9. On the succeeding step of Magento products to eBay export you have to do with eBay listing options. Details are arranged into five tabs. Switch between them to designate necessary information, namely:
    • export settings (export method, product identifier, product export options)
    • pricing, location, scheduling, picture settings (define listing format, start price formula, listing start time, etc)
    • business policies
    • adjust shipment settings
    • listing design

  10. Export Products Template window allows to add information on merchandise to be exported to eBay marketplace. Click right mouse button and the drop-down, listing all the fields available, will expand. Select the one that will suit the best.

  11. Before exporting data to eBay, check products in Preview Data window of the export wizard.

Export process will start when you click on corresponding button in this window.

Store Manager for Magento and eBay Integration addon speed up listings export on eBay and accelerate the growth of your business. Take the winning way to reach this sale channel - export with Magento eBay Integration.

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