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Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

Using the right eCommerce software is an important part of tackling eBay business. Nowadays you can take advantage of more flawless and approachable Magento integration with eBay marketplace via new Magento eBay Integration addon of Store Manager.

The release brings a good number of significant changes, new features and improvements. Look through the coverage of main changes, this version delivers, before updating to the latest version.


Configuration and Listing Setup

  1. Configuration management has been improved in Magento eBay Integration addon. You can create multiple configurations on the basis of necessary product listings.

  2. Configurations can be created, renamed, removed, saved or restored.

  3. Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
    Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

  4. It is possible to arrange products into multiple listings and use listings in configurations (export, synchronization) via eBay Integration addon. One and the same listing can be assigned to more than one configuration.

  5. Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
    Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

  6. Products can be added to eBay listings directly from Store Manager grid ("Add to eBay Listing" option has been added in the context menu).

Variation Export to eBay

Products, that come in variations at your Magento site, can be exported to eBay via the addon (list of categories, eBay allows to sell variations within, can be checked by this link - http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/sellingresources/multiplevariationslist.html)

Export Configurable Products from Magento to eBay
Export Configurable Products from Magento to eBay

Improved Display of Menus and Options

Refurbished interface and option display gives a modern look to Magento eBay Integration addon.

Last Activity Logs

Recent operation logs summarize export, synchronization, mapping results, show date, operation was performed, display status for each. Previously data export/synchronization terminated if an error happened. The logics has been changed in new version. Magento product export/synchronization will not be interrupted if some error occur. All the mishaps will be recorded to the report, you can access afterwards.

Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

In case product export or synchronization fail, the addon allows you re-export or re-synchronize products.


To run the renovated version of eBay Integration and access enhancements enumerated above, you should update the extension, as it is outlined below.

You need also to backup eBay Integration .dll file to be able to return to previous version. Before updating to the latest version navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\eMagicOne\Store Manager for Magento\Plugins\ and copy eBayIntegration.dll file to some local folder.

Once you have backuped configurations, proceed with the update in this way:

  1. Download Magento eBay Integration installation file by the link - eBay Integration Addon
  2. Run installation within several steps of installation wizard.
  3. Read and accept License Agreement.
  4. Specify what application eBay Integration addon should be updated in (Store Manager for Magento in this case).

  5. Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
    Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

  6. Complete installation and launch the addon in Store Manager Addon section respectively.

Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched
Renovated Magento eBay Integration Launched

All of your existing main configuration data will be saved and upgraded according to new standards. To see your configurations, press "Export Products" or "Synchronize" button on the first addon page. All you need to do is to set listing for current configuration and add products to it. You can do it automatically (by pressing "Next" button you will be redirected to the "Listing edit" step) or just set configuration as active (if you have more than one configuration) and press "Modify listing" button. After that you can continue working as usual. The same steps are true for eBay product synchronization.

*eBay Integration addon runs in Store Manager in Demo mode and allows to manage limited number of records. Order License key to unlock the functionality and export/synchronize products in any quantities.

Detailed instructions on Magento eBay export or synchronization setup, order import, etc is outlined in the official documentation - https://ebay-integration-doc.emagicone.com/

How to Roll Back?

What to do if you, for some reason, want to revert back to the old version? Downgrade is quite easy. Close Store Manager for Magento and copy .dll file of eBay Integration addon you have been using previously to C:\Program Files (x86)\eMagicOne\Store Manager for Magento\Plugins\.

Then open Store Manager and launch eBay Integration addon. The addon will be downgraded to older version and you should now restore all settings from saved configuration.

**eBay Integration is Store Manager for Magento addon and can't be used as a standalone product. If you still do not have Store Manager, run free trial to experience eBay Integration addon and other Store Manager functional possibilities.

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