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Make Your Magento Product Import Automated

Magento Automated Product Import
Magento Automated Product Import

In all probability, the idea of automatic Magento import to database entered online entrepreneurs’ mind. It could, for sure, help online shopping mall firm and business performance, widening store content management possibilities. Imagine the situation - each and every data import procedure is autonomous - you are not obliged to upload a feed and set up import configuration. Automated Magento import from .csv is an optimal way out for those, who aim at improving day-to-day web shop content management operations.

The main prerogative, mechanized Magento data imput gives, is that, web shopkeepers can define time, it will run. The question arises: What is the most approachable way to set up regular Magento import? It’s possible to set up cron product import using scripts.

This method requires Magento users to have some technical skills or hire developers. As a possible way out, online entrepreneurs can fall back upon online services, what foresees additional cost spending. There is also an opportunity to shift info import from .csv responsibility to Store Manager for Magento desktop application and built-in Automated Product Import.

Note* Store Manager for Magento is required to use Automated Product Import. Try it Now!

These ready-made applications do not require deep technical skills, scripts or paid subscription each month.

What administrating tasks can be easily fulfilled with the assistance of Magento import, carried out with Store Manager and Automated Product Import?

  • bulk import of new items to the database
  • regular product catalog updates
  • flawless images upload
  • precise and quick product inventory management


What are main advantages, Store Manager and Automated Product Import provide merchants with?

  • collaboration with numerous distributors and possibility to import multiple feeds from them
  • possibility to set scheduled tasks and define time, import procedures will be performed
  • accurateness and consistency of product appending from .csv carrying out
  • possibility to alter records and adjust file on the fly
  • easy upload of local files as well as those, placed remotely (having HTTP or FTP link to them)
  • no server overload - it can be fulfilled via bridge connection using PC resources

Magento import is absolutely hassle-free operation, if performed via Automated Product Import utility. It’s spot-on instrument which makes great contribution to developing ever updated content. Simplify routine daily tasks and let your shop leap forward!

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