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Renewed Magento Amazon Integration Is Available for Download

Placing e-commerce products on different world marketplaces, like Amazon can significantly increase sales and attract customers all over the world. And choosing the software that will fit the needs concerning Magento integration with this one of the world’s largest marketplaces can considerably facilitate the growth of business. Now, Magento users can take advantage of more flexible and approachable Magento integration with Amazon using renewed Store Manager for Magento Amazon Integration.

This release brings a lot of new enhancements and changes that will help to integrate Magento store with Amazon Marketplace more effectively and conveniently.

The list of improvements and fixes can be accessed from the list below.

Reworked Interface

  • The placement of Integration elements has been changed and the interface of the addon has been reworked as well.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release

Product Listings and Categories Enhancements

  • Product listings have been added in this version of Amazon Integration and current version gives a possibility to save and load the listing settings.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release
  • Products added to listings can be automatically mapped to the existing ones on Amazon Marketplace.

  • Status of listings that have just been synchronized is now displayed properly and is updated right after the synchronization.

  • Product mapping process with selected "Map by identification code" option before synchronization has been improved. Now, when adding products to listing, the addon considers the ones, that already have had the ASIN field filled in (for example, we have mapped them once and now they are deleted or not used).

  • Mapping products process has been improved with possibility to select all fields for association at one time. Also, mapping will take place according to the priority and availability of value in this field.

  • Export quantity of products according to specific rules is available in this version of addon.

  • The list of suggested categories is now available to use at the step of mapping categories and issues related to the list selection have been corrected in current release of Magento Amazon Integration.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release

  • In addition, category list can be filtered when adding products to listing.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release

  • The possibility to schedule and execute synchronization task has been implemented in this release and now it can be performed automatically basing on the scheduled period a user has specified.

  • Shipping support has been implemented and now, there is a possibility to establish shipping methods when synchronizing products with existing ones on marketplace.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release

    Account settings

    • Confirmation message has been added when deleting the account.

    • The new Amazon MVS Auth Token authorization method has been implemented in current version of the addon.

    • Amazon Stable version release
      Amazon Stable version release

    Order Management Improvements

    • Previously, Amazon had a set limit on orders display per one request and orders that were not in the list of the first 100 records could not be uploaded. Current version of the addon has been enhanced with orders grid paginator to be able upload all orders list (not only the first 100 ones).

    • Amazon Stable version release
      Amazon Stable version release

    • Order search capabilities were expanded with new sections added to the order filter.

    • In some cases, a character encoding issue has occurred when displaying orders information. This inconvenience has been fixed.

    • Occasionally, an error message "Couldn't convert variant type (Null) into type (OleStr)" occurred during order display. This issue has been fixed in this release of the addon.

    Operation logs

  • The log list of recently performed operations (date, operation, listing and status) is now available in this version of the addon.

  • Amazon Stable version release
    Amazon Stable version release
    • "Details" link for listing logs has been enhanced. Now, it is shown for listings with all statuses, except for those, that have "Submitted" status.

    • Previously, when deleting operation logs, not all related tables data was removed. The issue has been fixed.

    Other additional functionality, improvements and fixes

    • Now, the parameters of the window are saved after closing the Amazon addon. Correspondingly, the same size of the form is uploaded and used after next opening of the Integration.

    • An error that occurred while checking formulas for prices set by the user has been fixed. Now, the regional parameters are correctly considered.

    • Configured scheduled tasks were performed to USA marketplace, even if users had different marketplace settings specified. In current version, these tasks are run correctly, in accordance with particular Amazon marketplace settings specified.

    • The ability to choose the field to export product quantity from has been added in new version of Amazon Integration addon. Inventory tab grid has been expanded with an option that allows to show calculated product price and quantity that will be synchronized with Amazon.

    • The possibility to choose the database field product SKU will be retrieved from has been added in General section of Amazon Integration listing settings.

    Detailed documentation on how to login to Amazon account, create new listing, manage inventory and orders is available following this link - http://amazon-integration-documentation.emagicone.com/4-amazon-integration-addon-operations-for-0-9-1-209_beta-version-and-higher

    How to update Amazon Integration to the last version?

    Amazon Integration update is an easy process and consists of a few following steps:

    1. Download Magento Amazon Integration. You can receive the installation file contacting our support.

    2. Run installation and setup within several steps of installation wizard.

    3. Amazon Stable version release
      Amazon Stable version release

    4. Read and accept License Agreement.

    5. Specify what application the addon should be updated in (in current case, it is Store Manager for Magento). Complete installation process and launch the module in Addons section of Store Manager.

    6. Amazon Stable version release
      Amazon Stable version release

    *Amazon Integration addon runs in Store Manager in Demo mode by default and allows to manage limited number of records. To unlock the functionality and export/synchronize products in any quantities - order license key here.

    Bug Fix release of Amazon Integration v. has been released with the following improvements and fixes:

  • The required validation of mapped categories availability during products was removed, since this restriction had been eliminated by Amazon Marketplace. Now, the categories need to be mapped only in case new products are created.

  • Previously, already mapped categories did not display after mapping another category using quick filter. This inconvenience has been fixed in current version of the addon.

  • The updated version can be downloaded using the following link - Amazon Integration v.

    Download FREE Trial Version of Store Manager for Magento with built-in Amazon Integration Try Now

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