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Simplify Your Shipping with Magento USPS Shipping Integration

Magento Shipping Integration
Magento Shipping Integration

People who are involved in eCommerce most likely already know that the most challenging aspect of proper shop management is fulfilment. Working online you as store owner and your buyer are selling and buying virtually. After the order is made, there takes place the switch from online world to real one, where seller is preparing the product for shipment and client receives the delivery.

The amount of work that product preparing for Magento shipping involves is immense. It directly influences the reputation of your shop. If it takes too long till the purchase arrives or person receives by mistake other product, then definitely shopper will be disappointed. This dissatisfaction can result in loosing of thrust from the client who will hardly buy from your again or even worse - customer can make complains on social media and undermine your authority over the web. Thus, to avoid issues connected with shipping and simplify the procedures, there exist multiple delivery services to which it is possible to hand off tedious tasks.

As the world’s most popular online retail platform, Magento definitely needs integration with shipping services in order to ease the burden of preparing packages for transit. In case you use United States postal service for shipping, you can set up Magento - Stamps integration.

Stamps.com is a leading provider of online postage services. Their service allows users to print USPS postage and shipping labels from within Magento. It allows to remove the hassle of having to go to the post office or personally create shipping labels. What is especially important - it allows to reduce postage charges.

Magento USPS implementation is possible with Shipping Integration addon of Store Manager. The plug-in is built-in the main application in demo mode and it means that you can handle only a few entities at once. Full functionality can be unlocked purchasing addon separately and registering it in Store Manager.

What you can get using Magento Shipping Integration addon?

  • The ability to print shipping labels directly from your PC, beforehand verifying details and in this way avoid additional expenses on returning (in case the package was delivered to wrong address).
  • Update tracking number for shipping and customize it if necessary.
  • Notify your client via e-mail confirmations, providing all the details concerning shipping, like - shipping date, destination address etc.
  • Magento Stamps Integration enables you to deliver the goods you sell to every corner of United States as well as to more than 200 countries (from US).
  • Without efforts configure package type and weight with Magento USPS Shipping Integration.
  • Make additional settings to manage options available.
Magento Shipping Integration
Magento Shipping Integration

Please note, that you need to have account at Stamps.com in order to be able to handle your shipping properly.

Integrate Magento with Stamps with Shipping Integration addon and Store Manager for Magento. Provide spot-on USPS shipping that will help you boost conversion rates of your online business.

Start printing shipping labels now Try DEMO

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