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Work with QuickBooks Using Magento QuickBooks Integration Addon

Selling on online shop, you might consider managing your accounting and sales revenue with QuickBooks. QuickBooks is Intuit set of software solutions designed to help you monitor expenses, manage inventory, customers, orders and simplify web shop management tasks in such a way.

The question arises on how to keep these two systems accurate and synchronized, in other words, how to ensure swift QuickBooks Integration Magento. There are different solutions available nowadays, though you need to choose viable and trusted one.

QuickBooks Integration Addon of Store Manager for Magento is a top-grade way to integrate QuickBooks with your webshop. This extension helps you get rid of manual data entry and foresees:

  • Export of products to QuickBooks;
  • Export customer data to QuickBooks;
  • Order export from your site to QuickBooks;
  • Product import from QuickBooks.

Mentioned above procedures are being accomplished via appropriate import/export wizards, Magento QuickBooks Integration Addon comprises. Data transfer procedure is characterized by consistency and accuracy when performed through wizard tools. Though it demands some extra steps to be carried out in order to accomplish one of the operations listed, it definitely cuts time spent on data entry and reduces the possibility of mistakes occurrence.

Main aspects of data exchange between Magento and QuickBooks are described below in this article.

Product Export from QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration Addon being launched from main menu or product context menu, you should opt for product export operation. It is possible to select items you need to export before commencing on this process or use filters and choose necessary products on Preview Data Export step. At succeeding step of product data appending you should connect to QuickBooks accounting software.

Magento qb integration
Magento qb integration

The addon allows you to create new items, modify existing ones or carry out both operations when exporting products to QuickBooks. Note, you should also specify product export options - indicate whether they will be exported as inventory part, non-inventory part, service or other charge. Make sure you use dot as decimal separator, otherwise you will derive an error and the process won’t be a success.

Magento qb integration
Magento qb integration

Customer Export to QuickBooks

Magento customer data export is carried out in much the same manner via Export Customers wizard. It’s possible to only add new buyer, only renew customer data or perform both operations simultaneously. One more thing you should do is customer identification method designating on corresponding step of data transfer.

Magento qb integration
Magento qb integration

Magento Export to QuickBooks of Order Data

Using Store Manager for Magento QuickBooks Integration Addon you will be able to export all the relevant order data directly to QuickBooks. First and foremost thing here is that, orders can’t be updated, only created. Moreover, it’s impossible to create orders without customers. You need to designate customer name identifier as well.

On condition that no customer is available, you need to tick “Create customer if does not exist” box on Export Options step. Firstly customer will be added and afterwards - target order will be appended to QuickBooks. Note, orders won’t be created if there is no customer and this option is enabled. It’s also possible to create all the orders for one shopper.

Magento qb integration
Magento qb integration

Product Import from QuickBooks

With QuickBooks Integration Addon you can also manage product import from QuickBooks to Store Manager. It’s necessary to specify the import method (create and modify, only create or only modify), product type and field(s) you need to update. In the event that you plan to add new wares to Magento, provide Default category name, so that they will be imported there. Whenever specified category is not present in Store Manager it will be created automatically in the process of data appending.

Magento qb integration
Magento qb integration

QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager addon and it can’t be used separately. It means you should firstly install Store Manager application and after this order full version of the addon. The addon is built in the application in demo mode, so that you can process with 5 products only. Full version of QuickBook Integration can be downloaded here -


Integrate your Magento store with QuickBooks now Try DEMO

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