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A Walk-Through: How to Make Price Reductions in Magento

Running an online shop it is crucial to review your prices on regular basis in order to have up-to-date cost and provide the clients best offer they can find on the market. Attractive pricing strategy is an obvious advantage when online entrepreneur would like to stay out from the crowd and attract more shoppers.

Magento shop proprietors can take advantage of multiple pricing options the shopping cart offers, namely regular product price, trier price, group price, promotions.

It is definitely great that Magento is empowered with such a helpful functionality. Though, pricing is unstable notion and can change from time-to-time: e.g. after regular increase/decrease of cost by providers, during the time of seasonal promotions, in case of sale etc. Unfortunately, in most cases the platform is still missing the ways to perform massive Magento price changes.

With Store Manager for Magento you can avoid the necessity to make price update and re-update manually for each individual product, but cope with the task in seconds.

Special price

Special Price is discounted price comparing to products usual price, established to get promotion effect and usually available for limited period of time. When applying special price to a product, on both the Category List and Product Detail pages, the regular price will be crossed out, and the Special Price will appear in bold red font.

To massively apply special price to goods in your catalog is possible via import procedure via Store Manager application. Make sure that you include in import file the following columns with values:

  • Special Price (admin) - here should be new (usually discounted) price the product will be available for purchase;
  • Special Price From Date (admin) - the date when the special price will be activated (month, day, year);
  • Special Price To Date (admin) - indicates when exactly the period of special price validity expires. After indicated duration ends, the product will be sold by its regular price.

Alternatively, Store Manager allows you to change special price value by some value or percentage using Multi-Editor built-in tool. The changes are applied to selected products in seconds.

Group Price

This type of pricing serves for creating different prices for one and the same products, depending on customer groups. This is a good way to encourage loyal clients by making price for products discounted for them. Moreover, if you are working which wholesalers, you can create separate price for them too. How prices are shown? No, there are no multiple prices on product page. Not logged in users may see one price, those who signed in and belong to some customer group might see lowered product cost.

Check to import group prices into Magento and what should be data format -


Tier Price

Tier price is widely known and often used technique that allows to offer clients quantity reductions: sell more for lower price.

You create conditions where you indicate how many of pieces of the item the shopper should add to cart in order to get each for reduced price.

You can read here how to apply tier prices to products in bulk -


Global Mark-Downs for Actual Product Price

Imagine that you have got seasonal sale at your store and would like to sell out all the goods in order to free space for new comings. Who will buy fur coats in summer, right? So last 2 weeks of February you decided to reduce price for all your products on 50%.

With Store Manager it is really easy with the help of Multi-Editor tool. Check how effortless if the process -


You can also do on-the-fly changes right in the process of product import via Store Manager for Magento.

Go beyond the limits! Create smart price strategy and implement it right away with Store Manager for Magento! Download Now!

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