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Best Solutions To Manage Your Magento Store

Magento Store Manager

eCommerce business commencing is impossible without feature rich and customizable platform for building and managing online business. With the advent of flexible and enhanced Magento shopping cart, more and more online entrepreneurs have got a vehicle for enabling business growth and moving ahead their goals.

This platform can be characterized as renowned and widespread base for business development, but to amplify its functionality and obtain an extensive array of efficient tools for up-tempo catalog management and regular Magento product update carrying out, one should recline upon Store Manager for Magento multifaceted application. The software greatly improves admin management possibilities and speeds up data administrating operations.


What features of Store Manager for Magento should be underlined?

- advanced products and categories management - the possibility to create, edit, delete, copy/paste Magento products and categories, what significantly widens Magento catalog arranging

- possibility to manage different product types within Magento catalog - simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, virtual, downloadable

- database backup option available before any data modifications implementing

- enhanced customers and orders management system

- flexible system of attributes and attribute sets management

- built-in Import/Export wizard is a productive means of product update> fulfilling

- ability to perform import from .csv, ,xls, .xml and .txt file formats

- custom options copy&paste + import/export

- Raw Table Editor available - it’s possible to edit database tables in it

- Multi Editor tool, used for precise products and inventory updating


What are main advantages of managing Magento with Store Manager application?

- this software is facile in installation and usage

- regular software updates

- shopkeepers can efficiently manage multiple stores/views

- It opes with products, categories, customers, attributes sets and custom options import/export

- import from .csv> supports uploading of up to 1 000 000 items to your database

- Foresees uploading of local and remote images and allows to upload several images to one item what contributes to creating up-to-date catalog

- clear cache and reindex options available in the process of data import

- Store Diagnostics section of the application allows to reveal product pictures, that are missing and images that do not refer to any product

Magento Manager Addons

Besides that, Store Manager functionality can be supplemented by its Addons. Addons are additional plugins, that extends its management possibilities. As for example, users get a perfect opportunity to mechanize Magento import from .csv by means of Automated Product Import Addon. This extension allows to add goods to database or modify already placed there items, upload product images automatically, at definite time. Thus, this is a perfect instrument for accurate content developing. eBay Integration Addon represents a tool for flawless exporting products and their descriptions to eBay.com - world the most famous auction. Shopkeepers can also experience the functionality of QuickBooks Integration, Shipping Integration, Doba Dropshipper Integration, ICECat Product Catalogue Integration Addons and enhance overall site management operations.

Store Manager for Magento and its Addons are inalienable for building beneficial website and handling vast amount of products. It has excellent data upload and update functionality, what is foremost for building customer-oriented product catalog. Use the software to stay on the upper stage of eCommerce ladder -


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