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Change the Order in which Drop-Downs of Configurable are Displayed

Configurable is the type of Magento products that consists of set of attributes that are presented in the form of drop-downs with values to select at the front-end. The item can be purchased only when the combination of all those attributes (from each dropdown) is selected, as it is required to choose the values for the product to be added to cart.

Sometimes online merchants while creating configurable items just add the attributes and then need to sort them in order to be shown for clients view in definite order. This becomes especially important when there are lots of configurable attributes (dropdowns) and you want the client to select more relevant for you options in the first place.

Taking into account the fact that you cannot select value from another dropdown unless the one in the above is selected, the necessity to indicate position of dropdowns is absolutely understandable.

Let’s say, you have a few configurable products that have four dropdowns and you want to change the order they are displayed on the front end: for example, at the moment you have the Shoes and client can select shoe laces, material, color and size (in the exact order).

But you would like the client to select first - Size, second dropdown should be with Color, third - material and the fourth - shoelaces.

Let’s see now this can be achieved.

Change Dropdowns Position via Admin

Important: Magento is ignoring the attribute position set in Catalogue->Attributes->Manage Attributes->Manage Labels/Options for a configurable product dropdown. When added to configurable, attribute (dropdown) order should be indicated for each configurable product.

Log in to your Magento back-end.

  1. Go to Catalog -> Manage Products
  2. Find necessary configurable product and open it.
  3. Select ‘Associated Products’ tab and in section ‘Super products attributes configuration’ you will be able to see your attributes with values.
  4. Next to each attribute name there is arrow, holding which you can change the order of super attributes simply dragging&dropping them.

Set Sort Order of DropDowns in Store Manager for Magento

In Store Manager for Magento you can set the position of super attribute (dropdown). Depending upon the number indicated in ‘Position’ column, you can change the order in which the dropdowns are presented at the front-end.

Massively Set Order of Configurable Product Dropdowns

Store Manager for Magento allows you to indicate or change the order in which dropdowns of configurable products are displayed at products page for multiple goods at once. If configurable products along with associated simple items are already uploaded, you simply need to have in your file at least the following fields:

  • Product identifier (SKU, ID)
  • Column with SKUs of associated to configurable simple products (column 2 at the screenshot)
  • Configurable attributes (color, size, laces and material)
  • Attribute position of configurable products where you indicate numbers that correspond to sort order of attributes in previous column.

Note: All the multiple values in the file are separated by delimiter, in our case it is pipe (|) symbol.

You will have to indicate the delimiter you have used at the appropriate step of Import Wizard.

In case you are uploading new configurable products with associated items, you need to include in your import file other fields. Check what exactly in this step-by-step tutorial that explains the procedure of configurable products import -


Let’s see what we have got as a result.

Sort dropdowns of Magento configurable products in the way you want them to be displayed!

Sort dropdowns of Magento configurable products in the way you want them to be displayed! Sort FREE

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