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Discover the Functionality of the Search Option in Store Manager for Magento

Magento search is an important part of Magento system, as it makes catalog management more flexible and usable. Searching is the most predominant method for business people to find necessary entity without involving much exertion and time. It’s highly demanded when you have increasing volume of products and need to find some, disposed in different categories and subcategories.

How to find exact items in the best way possible and what are the most straightforward instruments to do it? Store Manager for Magento wields robust mediums for quick Magento products search, that cut time spent on product finding and dispense you from lengthy product list browsing.

Filter Functionality

To quickly find items you can resort to Store Manager filter option, available on product toolbar. It’s possible to sort goods according to definite parameters, that can be found in drop-down. You can choose between the following criteria: show all products; show products from selected category; show products from selected category and its nested folders; show merchandise not listed in selected category; show products not assigned to any category; show products without images.

Once you select one of the criteria offered, you will get products matching in Magento product list.

One more way to filter Magento goods is to use column headings with the aim to reorder rows, depending on your need. Clicking on any of headings you will derive fields sequenced as following: once numeric values are included in rows (e.g. price, quantity), they will be systematized in descending or ascending order, on condition that these are text fields (name, type), rows will be graded alphabetically.

Furthermore, it’s possible to accomplish Magento search by definite value or parameter. To succeed in it, go to the target heading, press an arrow beside it and check suitable boxes, listed in the drop-down.

Here you can see the example - items from Magento product list are filtered by price - all the entities being priced on $89, $99, $100, $119, $120 are displayed in the results. To close the filter applied and return to former listing, use the option below.

Store Manager gives you an ability to create your own filter for Magento search. What does it look like? By means of dialog box you can customize filter settings and derive criterion that suits your need, what substantially eases product search. For example, you have to operate with products, price of which is less than $200 but more than $100. To add such a parameter, go to price heading, click an arrow beside it and call the dialog box choosing corresponding option from the list.

Specify conditions and input values as in the example given.

Magento Search Form

To find necessary item you can fall back upon convenient search form. Open the window pressing corresponding button on the toolbar or in the context menu and specify search conditions - text to search and attributes to search in (colour, ID, price, name, etc). Define search options and number of rows to be displayed in results window.

In Results window below you will derive the list of entities, matching your request. Directly from the search form you can manage target Magento products if there is need - modify product associated data or remove items from Magento product list.

You have a possibility to create custom filter, using indicated product search conditions and use it for further content management. It will be added to filters available on product toolbar and you can choose it from the drop-down anytime.

Large number of products and categories at database may cause inconveniences while looking for necessary entity. Store Manager improves the matters and makes Magento search approachable and convenient thanks to instruments it is endowed with.

Fall back upon Store Manager to swiftly handle vast data sets - Search on-the-fly now

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