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Easy Import with Store Manager for Magento

Images for article on import
Images for article on import

If you are reading this article then most likely you are looking for any guidance or effective method of Magento import. Magento actually has built-in Magento data import mechanism, however, it is pretty robust and is lacking flexibility in many things, starting from inability to correctly upload the file if there is missing data or in case column names do not coincide with the ones of database to the issues with uploading images from external URLs, importing of attributes and attribute sets. However, this article will not focus on weak sides of Magento import from .csv procedure, but will enlighten efficient and easy ways to accomplish the process.

The good news is that the functionality of Magento import is improved by new extensions developed by community users. File upload with Store Manager for Magento application is exactly the thing that will make import from .csv procedure a number-one activity. This helpful instrument allows you to save time and efforts spent on the process, since it contains a huge number of advantages, main of which are the following:

Magento import from .csv .txt or .xml format

Most often to update your store store owners use supplier’s file with updated information. Supplier may or may not know which file format handles your import method, thus Store Manager allows you the possibility to perform data import from different file formats.

Import of great amount of data

Store Manager brings you the possibility to upload:

  • all product types, product related information (description, prices, quantity, status etc.)
  • categories and subcategories building up multi-leveled category tree
  • images: local (internal) and remote (external)
  • attributes and attribute sets
  • custom options to the products
  • customers with profile information

Do modifications right in the process of data import

Very often you need to do modifications of the existing data. Manually changing all the data or doing bulk modifications of the information in the file can be the procedure which takes much more time that expected. Lets say, you need to reduce the price of your existing products by 10%. There is no need to re-calculate price for each product separately. You can either select the products and use Multi-Editor tool or export the products and use the received file for data transfer with the following expression - [CSV_COL(INDEX)]*1.10, where the INDEX is the number of the .csv column. The procedure is simple and convenient.

Add missing data on the fly

In case you need to add some missing in the file data, it is also possible without manual input with Store Manager for Magento. Basically, with the correct expression rule it is possible to adjust the information, input default or any other values, merge or add file columns - all of this automatically and on the fly during Magento import via Store Manager application.

Automatically update inventory

Are you getting the information about your new and existing products from your supplier? Set up scheduled update of your inventory! Use Store Manager and its addon called Automated Product Import to automatically perform upload from .csv and update your products each hour, day, week, month etc. Automated Product Import Addon and Store Manager are the investments, which bring a quick return and rapid profits.

Images for article on import
Images for article on import

With Store Manager you can turn time-consuming operations of catalogue update and uploading new products by performing Magento data import into highly efficient and fast procedure that will make your online store thriving and prosperous.

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