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Export Multi-Component Products from Magento

Magento offers its users multiple ways to bring the work with products on the new level. It is proved by its functionality. You can not only choose among 6 offered, the product type that suits your needs best, but also more intuitively display products, making them interconnected.

“Standalone” VS “One-to-Many”

magento export configurable products
magento export configurable products

Products can be linked to one another or grouped and sold together or be as a part of the whole - in other words, they can be brought together “under one roof”. Due to this fact very often those product relations are called “one-to-many”, denoting that product includes/consists of standalone goods. Here belong configurable, bundle, grouped, related products, cross-sells, upsells and simple goods with custom options.

What if you need to massively change those relations or make new ones? What will be your first action? Most likely, product export for either providing your the file for implementing association changes or giving you the idea how to make new association using the example.

Necessary products associations are not getting exported or are broken in the result file?

Use import/export tool that allows to accomplish the task correctly and without coding skills. Store Manager for Magento is empowered with smart wizard to perform the operations of bringing simple standalone products or complex ones with relations to the file of . CSV format or uploading them to your database.

What you need to do to export multi-component goods preserving relations?

First of all, in case you are not using Store Manager and read about in for the first time in this article, you need to install it. Do not worry, it will not require from you to do modifications of core shopping cart files or commenting out some lines. The solution is desktop one, so basically, installation requires from you a few clicks to make it operate.

Secondly, select the goods you would like to be copied to the file. It is possible by means of very useful ready-made or custom filters you can create on indicated needed parameters. Then run export wizard and there indicate option to include in the spreadsheet selected or filtered products.

magento export configurable products
magento export configurable products

Finally, do not forget to indicate which relations are needed to be listed in your file. At the particular step of export you not only need to select fields with product data you need, but also check the boxes that are responsible for product relations.

magento export configurable products
magento export configurable products

No broken product associations! Everything is neatly placed in separate columns. Moreover, the exported file perfectly suits for importing it back, applying changes made in the datasheet.

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