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Go Clever with Store Manager for Magento Products Updating

Up and running Magento-powered webstore, merchants are expected to cope with vital shop management tasks efficiently. Maintaining product catalog is for sure a top-notch task for store owners, that can’t be ignored in no case, since thousands of shoppers come to your website each and every day with the intention to buy certain product or are merely browsing.

Catalog is a dynamic system, products are changing, today you might need to proceed with Magento inventory update, tomorrow supplier will inform you that product cost has changed. To cut the long story short, up-to-date product catalog is a versatile assignment, what can be really labor-intensive.

Store Manager for Magento overcomes workaday routine tasks and facilitates comprehensive data management. Notwithstanding, you need to manipulate product information on a large scale, for example proceed with price updates for 1000 products, or process several products only, Manager will help you out.

Below covered points provide clear explanation of Store Manager functional capabilities that will help online merchats quickly update products and related data.

Keep Inventory Under Control

Product quantity and stock levels require constant control in order to avoid stockouts and ensure number of product is sufficient. inventory updates for bulk products can be accomplished via Inventory Multi Editor. It is actually one-page window within which you can implement stock adjustments for multiple entities you have selected. Just select product listings to be renewed, launch Multi Editor for inventory handling and modify required fields.

Updating Product Price

Product price is inclined to fluctuation that should be instantly displayed at the front-end. Carry out Magento update price and determine cost for abundance of products using Product Multi Editor. Except of general product information (product status, visibility, description, other attributes), you have the possibility to renew price or special price for numerous product listings, even using expression statements.

Manage Category Associations

One and the same product can be placed to several categories or subcategories of different levels. Contrariwise, you might need to displace some items and assign them to other categories. Store Manager allows you to update category associations for abundance of products with the help of corresponding functionality.

All-In-One Data Handling Tool

What if you plan to renew products on the larger scale? Suppose, numerous fields for hundred of merchandise require alteration or you’ve got the spreadsheet from vendors listing records that you already sell and those that should be added to the catalog. Store Manager importer will come to the assistance. Inventory renewals, price modifications, category associations and other adjustments will be implemented swimmingly in the course of bulk listing upload.

Data uploads from the file can be automated and performed without shopkeeper's interference. Independent import tasks, set up with Automated Product Import addon, will run at predefined time on configuration you have designated. In such a way necessary listings will undergo updating.

Managing Numerous Store Views?

Oftentimes merchants want to develop multilingual store to make it accessible for users from different countries. Store views help handle one and the same product catalog in various languages (German, French, Greek). Naturally, you might need to update some details for this or that view and Store Manager handles this. On respective step of data import wizard you are supposed to indicate what exactly store view information should be appended to and afterwards proceed with usual import settings. This article explains in details how to import data to specific view of shop -


Update Product Listings Taking Details From ICECat

Store Manager addon, ICECat Integration, makes great contribution to catalog handling. Images and specifications will be exported from ICECat and attached to necessary product listings at your webshop. This practice, widely used by merchants worldwide, helps develop informative product catalog and customer-oriented storefront.

Summing up, it should be indicated that Store Manager offers merchants multitude of functional capabilities for quick, productive and comprehensive data update.

Try Store Manager for Magento for FREETry Data Updates

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