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Have an Easy Time Performing Bulk Updates with Multi-Editor Tool of Store Manager for Magento

You are making significant progress in Magento-based website development? Brisky business turnovers “prepare” new and new tasks for you? Regular updates of price, quantity or stock status grew into cumbersome operations that steal more and more hours each time? Leave everything far behind and resort to Store Manager for Magento.

Why this software and how will it help out? This advanced software includes numerous features contributing to more benefitting and precise shop administrating, among them Multi Editors for clear-cut and instantaneous catalog updates carrying out.

Why Is It Worth to Use Multi Editors?

Multi Editors embrace Product and Inventory Multi Editor. Respectively, inventory for numerous items is being handled via Inventory Multi Editor, whereas general product details are being altered by means of Product Multi Editor. These utilities are approachable in usage and brings you multiple advantages

  • it is possible to renew multiple products at once
  • the number of fields you can modify is not limited to one or several, bring modifications to as many attributes as you need
  • you can recalculate numeric fields using expressions
  • your product inventory will be always maintained on sufficient level

How to Proceed with Product Alterations?

Multi Editors are facile in usage and do not present any difficulties even for newbies. The mechanism of product management is simple and understandable. At first, decide what items should undergo updating. If these products are spread over catalog, use filter or search functionality to reach them instead of catalog browsing.

After target products are selected, open either Product Multi Editor or Inventory Multi Editor, depending on what exactly field or fields is/are to be modified.

If, for example, there should be updated stock, quantity, enabled or disabled quantity increment, etc, resort to Inventory Multi Editor. Input suitable values or make right selection for this or that field. Note, the field will not be renewed until you check Update box beside it. If you prefer to implement changes with the help of expressions, click on appropriate field and input the formula there or in Expression Editor window. All the modifications being designated press OK for them to be applied.

The same concerns to Product Multi Editor. When you opt for this utility, you will get information on products organized within several tabs. Switch to the tab that includes the field to be modified and designate required values or text. Oftentimes there occurs the necessity to add the same phrase to, let’s say, 50 products. Thus, you need to go to General tab, where Description field is available. You may edit product description via WYSIWYG or Raw HTML Editor. It is possible to complete Magento update price, handle status, special prices, manufacturers and other fields for multiple products.

Multi Editors make managing of numerous products smoother and faster. Information that refers to your products is arranged within one window - just turn to necessary tab, find the field or fields to be modified and renew values or text depending on the field type. Make your product update operation a couple of minute task with Store Manager for Magento.

If you are still not using smart Magento Manager, you can test it out. Free trial version is available at www.mag-manager.com/free-download

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