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Import Magento Images to Gallery

Magento import of images might be not as straightforward as it seems from the first sight.

First of all, because pre-work is required that includes the load of images into media/import folder at your server. In case you’ve got links to images that should be added to your products, the tasks becomes even more problematic. You have to first download each, since by built-in Magento import method does not offer the ability to upload remote images.

Secondly, really often issue occur with image types and the way to upload them, including or excluding pictures from the image gallery.

Store Manager for Magento eliminates both of these issues. In our previous articles we have already discussed how easy application imports local and remote images, uploading them to FTP and assigning to particular products right in the process of transfer.

This time we will dwell upon the questions related to upload of images into Image Gallery:

Should there Be in the File Separate Column for Gallery Images?

In case you would like to show the clients the “full picture” and offer images depicting product you sell from all the angles, you might need to import more than the usual number of images for a given product.

Consider, you would like to add to product 5 images. One of them (URL or product name) you put into column “Base image” of your file and it will be available for view as main image at product page.

Another image will be placed to “Small image” column and further be used to show product on category view. To the third column with images “Thumbnail” you added some other picture.

How to be with other 2 images you would like to be added? Place them in column “Media Gallery” of your file (if they are multiple, separate by delimiter symbol).

Do not forget to assign each column with images to appropriate database fields.

Check here:

Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery

As a result, all the images were loaded properly -

Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery

If you do not want some images, for example, base product image to be shown in gallery at frontend, exclude it from Media Gallery checking corresponding button for picture in Image Gallery tab of the lower grid. Images can be excluded via import as well, what is described in the post Add Different Images to Different Magento Store Views

Should File Columns with Small, Base and Thumbnails Also Be Assigned to Media Gallery Database Field During Import?

No, they will be shown in Gallery of product at the front-end in any case. To the Media Gallery database field you can assign all additional images you’ve got.

Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery

Can Old Images from Gallery be Overwritten with New Ones During Import?

Yes, on condition that you have checked “Clear image Gallery” option. Current images assigned to the item will be cleared and new ones that you have in the file would be uploaded and become available in Gallery.

Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery

What Else Need to Be Done to Make Sure that Images will be Uploaded to the Gallery?

There are some points without which Magento image import won’t work at all. So, check if you:

  • have your FTP connection setup and your user has all the rights
  • checked ‘Import Images’ box during import

  • in case you are uploading images stored on your computer, indicate folder where they are saved.
Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery
*Please note, Magento 1.9.1 and higher comes with image management changes. One and the same image can not be assigned to multiple products with identical name. Store Manager works due to Magento logic, regenerates image name (e.g _1) if it is assigned to several products and adds the same image with different names. If you use 1.9.1 or newer version of Magento, please enable "Generate new image name if image already exists" option.

Still cannot add images to Media Gallery? Check your FTP Tasks Queue, maybe they are still in the process of upload.

Magento import images to Gallery
Magento import images to Gallery

It is usual thing when you import big amount of images at once. If pictures are there, arm yourself with patience and wait.

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