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Magento Configurable Products VS Magento Grouped Products

Web merchants, that develop their business on Magento, are lucky enough to have wide “arsenal” of functional capabilities at disposal, what boost their productivity in managing online shop and help keep it competitive.

One of advantageous features, Magento comprises is that you can make use of different product types (simple, bundle, Magento configurable products, grouped, virtual) when arranging Magento product catalog. Although, at times some of entrepreneurs are confused and can’t determine what type should this or that product belong to. Most frequently they hesitate whether to make a product configurable or grouped.

These two types of Magento products are completely different and should be mixed up. When is it better to create Magento grouped products? What properties are inherent to configurable items? What are characteristics of grouped merchandise? Let’s cast the light on these and other questions and figure out clear-cut difference between grouped and configurable products.

What Are Magento Grouped Products?

Magento grouped products
Magento grouped products

At first, it should be mentioned that grouped Magento products are complex entities, consisting of several simple products, that do not have any specific feature in common, though they are of similar nature. It means grouped products are characterized by loose relationship between their components.

At the front-end grouped product represents selection of products consolidated on one product page. There is quantity box for each item, so if your customer wants 2 or 3 pieces of specific item, he/she can indicate quantity in corresponding box. Shoppers, who visit your store can either buy whole set, means entire grouped product or choose, for example, one product from the group. They are not obliged to purchase all the components if they do not need them.

What products can be sold as grouped? These items can be united by season, theme or simply for a promotion, for example, you are selling coffee cups. You can offer them separately or in combination with beautiful breakfast plates, silver spoons, saucers and small teapots. Correspondingly, customers can buy all the products from these set or choose, let’s say, only cup and saucer. The same concerns to furniture set, consisting of night table, bed, dresser and mirror.

Magento Configurable Products Peculiarities

Magento grouped products
Magento grouped products

Magento configurable products can be defined as single items that comprise selectable variations. This product type allows shoppers to customize their purchase, choosing necessary option from the list of offered product variants. Configurables help you create main product with certain characteristics that are customizable. Respectively, clients can adjust the purchase and choose from the drop-down the option that suits the best.

Each product variant is a separate product with distinct SKU and inventory level that makes it possible to control variation stock. Associated products can be sold either as part of configurable product or as separate products.

What products can be added as configurable? For example, you are selling cups in ten colours and three sizes. You need to create all the variations of this product and customers will be able to select from drop-down appropriate colour and certain size for the cup to be purchased. One more example is a handbag, coming in different materials and colours.

When comparing these two types of Magento products, it should be mentioned that the mechanism of their adding also differs. To get grouped product you should add all simple products, so-called constituents, first. After that create main or grouped product that will home all the simple products and link previously added constituents to it.

As to configurable product, mechanism of their creating is more complicated. First of all, you should remember, both main product and associated to it simple ones should belong to the same attribute set. There should also be created configurable attribute, on the basis of which will be created product variations. After that create configurable product, simple products and link simple items to the configurable.

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