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Magento Excel Import Is Not a Question Any More

Magento is undoubtedly workable eCommerce platform, tooled with robust instruments you might need when running web store. Although it imposes some restrictions upon Magento import, what brings Magento users numerous inconveniences.

In most cases you are performing data upload from files of csv format. Thus, if you receive Excel files from distributors you cooperate with, you need to constantly generate csv files via “Save as” option. It can be rather annoying, especially in case you need to automatically upload Excel to Magento, namely when the feed was provided by wholesalers.

Store Manager for Magento oversteps Magento import limits, confirming upload of Excel files via built-in import wizard instrument. It gives online entrepreneurs more possibilities and makes data management more flexible.

The scheme of Excel import won’t be too much for developers, as it’s quite similar to information transfer from csv files carrying out. It’s advisable to attentively look through the file before data upload commencing on and make sure that demanded records on items are included and correct values are specified.

What facets of Excel to database uploading are important?

  • Store Manager gives a possibility to undertake database backup. Information will be saved to PC and in case of Magento Excel import mishaps, you can fall back upon info recovery
  • To upload images during daya import from Excel, you are obliged to set up FTP connection. It can be done is corresponding tab of Store Manager “Preferences” window or at certain step of data appending
  • With Store Manager application you have a possibility to dispose new products at database or update existing ones. On condition that you want to update catalog items, you should not import all product associated information, only fields required renewing and product identifier (name, SKU, ID, etc)
  • Performing Excel to Magento import, you can load saved previously data upload configuration not to spend time for reconfiguring and simply to press “Next” button to carry out the procedure

Having launched the wizard and chosen the file, you need to go through Excel file data uploading heedfully, being guided by tips and prompts at each and every step.

Magento Excel Import
Magento Excel Import

In preview import window of the import instrument you can one more time look through the feed data structure and make sure that information is arranged accurately.

Magento Excel Import
Magento Excel Import

Data upload from Excel fill efficiency depends on accuracy of shop database fields and file columns names assigning. “Auto Link All” button allows to automatically link the names, but only in case they coincide. If the names differ, you have to manually link fields, otherwise you won’t be able to move to the next step or data won’t be parsed properly.

Magento Excel Import
Magento Excel Import

Next to last step of info import from Excel foresees you to specify suitable import method, depending on what exactly action over products has to be performed.

Magento Excel Import
Magento Excel Import

If in Excel file you are using for the import process are indicated categories, which do not exist at the store, they will be created automatically.

The possibility to accomplish Magento import of Excel data on the fly endues web entrepreneurs with new perspective as to workable Magento store content management. Go to www.mag-manager.com/magento-import/ and find more info on Store Manager import capabilities.

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