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Make Products Displayed Even If There Are No Required Fields in Import File

Magento provides scalability and abundance of features for your web store growth. Such statements and rather alike are circulating over the Internet and if you look for some Magento characteristics, you will evidently come across numerous shopping cart advantages you can benefit from. This is true, this platform has multitude of salient features, BUT at times it looks like they are not applied to Magento import tool.

Many users report that default import tool is not flexible enough, has pretty good number of requirements to Magento import file, does not allow to import just exported data back or does not accept the file that is missing of some columns. What if the feed, you import from, includes several fields only or values for some fields are omitted? What if vital product details, the feed contains, are improper or you need to upload new products to Magento and not all the fields, responsible for product representation, are included?

Either you devote time to data editing, manually input and modify necessary fields, or resort to more reasonable methods that simplify Magento data upload and make it more approachable. Store Manager for Magento offers more “loyal” and less demanding import functionality that helps you override Magento import claims.

If you rely upon Store Manager import means, the questions, mentioned above won’t be a serious concern. Missed or improper values can be easily substituted by default values, one can apply right in the process of Magento data transfer.

How to Configure Default Values?

Default values are predefined entities that are being applied in the course of data import. If you configure default values for certain Magento attributes and use them when uploading information, corresponding fields will acquire these values notwithstanding values provided in the file (if there are any).

Since these are predefined values, you should configure them in advance in Store -> Attributes section of Store Manager. When creating or editing certain attributes you will find Default value field among other attribute associated fields. Here you should input the entity that will further be used as default. Note, these values can be designated for attributes with multiselect, dropdown and media image input type.

When to Apply Default Values?

Once you have added values to necessary attributes you can proceed with import from the file. They can be applied on Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields step of the import wizard. Under the list of database fields Set default values option is disposed. Click on this button and fields, you have set as default will instantly be filled with values you have predefined.

Possibility to apply default values in the course of Magento data import deprives you of bothers appearing when required fields are not provided in Magento import file or, for some reason, improper values are designated. It is of great importance when these are the fields responsible for product representation at the front-end.

Magento Import
Magento Import

Store Manager provides you one more method to manage product associated data in the process of import. You can resort to expressions and add, remove, alter, replace details applying corresponding SQL commands while uploading file to database. Detailed info with example you can find at


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